Creative Process

The creative process to me is the most important act. I feel it’s important to demand respect in my creative process. Of course, this process isn’t a thing that’s visible to all. And that’s because it is created in my own mind, so it’s not expected to be understood by anyone else. We have secrets, us creators, but the truth of the matter is, it mostly looks like writing the same idea in 50 different ways or three and deleting them all. It looks like three am ideas forgotten or typed up with blurry eyes. It’s caffeine highs and caffeine free for the day with hope that the spark might…. maybe…. possibly return for just a moment. When it doesn’t, it looks like tears and manic episodes and madness. Tantrums with myself that no one else would truly understand. Hearing the words, “Why don’t you just do it?” over and over again. And there’s a possibility that I could, but this creative process is the biology of the artist. It’s greatness folded in with the limitations of being human.


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