Geoff Blanchette

Geoff Redivivous


Find me a child, one sweet and young
with dimpled cheeks and wrinkled smile,
one who dances with the flowers
and catches mantis nymphs in a mason jar,
one that speaks simply, with no trace of guile.

Find me the child and bring it to me,
locked in my cage in the madhouse of the real,
and I will tell it of all the howling banshees
the rivers of blood, the mountains of bones
and the twin gods of Sword and Gun.

And when the child weeps and asks me why,
why I have told it of all these things,
I will answer the only way I can:
“This, dear child, is the world that I created.
This, dear child, is the world you must redeem.”

Geoff Blanchette is a writer and actor based in Westerly, RI

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