The doors open as wide as a fishes mouth

Not a squeak to em

The sun it shines into the dead silent hallway

beams dance on the floor

Wiggling to some translucent beat

I’m sure it’s not my heartbeat

Shadows scatter

I freeze to admire the sight

I stand still

confident in the shadows return

But hoping the beams dance a bit longer

And hoping they return


The Silent Man

I mouth the words hoping they’ll be caught

But without a sound I could be saying anything

He doesn’t mouth a thing

He stands there staring waiting for more from me

But I have such a hard time getting my own words out

“What are you thinking?” I mouth silently

He stands there waiting for his turn to speak

but I continue to mouth my own questions that I so badly want answered



From now on I will believe in my writing. I will be confident enough to be teachable while also being true to me. It took a lot of work to be able to write that and mean it at the same time. It’s not just an affirmation it’s a statement of who I’ve become. I will continue to reflect on this so I can maintain my belief. But I hope to stay here if not forever for as long as possible.