I Choose You

I’m choosing you
Your health
your smile
Your hand
I’m going to take you places
planes, bars with all the fresh vegetables you can eat,
and kombucha on tap
served by souls who just wanna make you smile
the way I do
I’m choosing you.
If this life is the life you love
with all your heart,
I’ve done my job.
and I’ve done it well
if it’s not,
fuck it, let’s keep going until
it’s everything you dreamed of,
and more.

Saschia Johnson

A Good Rest

She closes her eyes,
the bed bugs have scuttled off into the woods,
and the moths gathered around her neighbor’s
bug shocking light.
A breeze tickles her nose
so she pulls the blankets up up up
over her shoulders.
She dreams of singing skeletons
and dancing dead men who church
chocolate with small men from
a land no one has ever heard of.
A star falls and grants her wishes
as she sleeps a good sleep
with warm blankets
and dreams to keep her busy

Saschia Johnson

Rest Will Come


Jayne.Press·2 days ago

Dignity is to dream without ceasing

Photo by Jackson David on Unsplash

She wiggles her toes
and reaches toward the heavens
it’s not so far, she heard in a song
the heavens, that is. It is
much closer than we think. At least
that’s what they tell us.

is it hope that I cling to
while I wrestle with his faith
faith in me faith in God — faith
a silent thing that pulses with
confirmation when you let it come

Is it dignity to release hope?

Is it dignity to release faith?

No, a stern no.

It is dignity to clutch on
even when there is so much left to lose.

Saschia Johnson

Photo by Brian Mann on Unsplash


Queen Shit

Photo by Oladimeji Odunsi on Unsplash

The red sea divides
the waves crash and hold their place
she walks between
untouched and welcomed
into new lands as she breaks free
from the past
that clung to her
like wet clothes on a hot summer day
now she’s got
sand between her toes and
she doesn’t even need her sandals

Saschia Johnson

originally posted on Jaynepress.medium.com