I kept him sacred

I circled him finding his flaws In every inch of my poetry I don’t touch him because he’s my own sacred shrine untouched by human artists Untouched by the words of man Only to be described in silence by the divine Whether you believe in that type of thing or not he’ll tell you to … More I kept him sacred

Give Me A Name

The poetry of Adam sucked into the cosmos imagined before it had a name These white eyes laced with fear guide her into the flame of God Her bloom leaves behind a rosie smear Yesterday a whore today a consecrated marriage never touched An unholy relic She’s my bride We venture into the unknown entwined   -Saschia Johnson  

Wet books

Wet Books That smell of wet books and Chanel no 5 is no invitation There are no arms open stiff I freeze Under my soles is the threshold A cold door knob damp in my palm Dead echoes haunt from behind “Vanity!” they scream A million hands reaching to save me from their sins fingers … More Wet books


Some days I’m just pushing through one more day. Just adding one more piece to the pile of experience. Every piece counts. Keep compiling. Yet, I can’t help but feel a twinge of guilt from my minimal effort. -Saschia Johnson

Book Sniffer

Today I bought used books and sniffed each one before purchase. It’s silly I know but if they are moldy its makes my nose itch. And then I won’t read them. I’d rather pass up a moldy book than have a book that’s never read.   -Saschia Johnson  

Let me love you deeply

Originally posted on fauxcroft:
I want to bare you, I need to enter you, Probe your being Infecting your feelings, Infest your heart Feel how it beats, Flow around Your bloodstream, Coalesce with your essence, Travel your chakra’s From crown to root I will touch you, In ways unknown Heart aches Mind blown Love lorn…


I have a Tumblr account and I really like the the way it looks. I really like the Tumblr platform I just can’t really get into the community. So if anyone is on there looking for some connections I’d love to connect. 🙂 Jayne.Press.tumblr.com  

Skin Show

I. I see the crevices where my mind has changed route Where the blood has stopped flowing and changed direction To kill off the illusion of rage and hypocrisy There’s a skin shed in the corner of the room no one speaks of it but me Who’s skin is that? Who was left so empty? … More Skin Show