These hands write and write Wandering into the crevices between my floor boards I thought I heard a bed bug It’s causing this insane itch There’s a connection, I know it Maybe it was that night with the Russian The silly thing must want me to teach it English. Or it’s sent from a lover … More Connections

Jade- Asian Art

In Asian art, jade is considered to be the most powerful and mystical material. Particularly in China, jade is associated with imperial authority, heaven and immortality. The Chinese have a saying: ‘One can put a price on gold, but Jade is priceless.’ Some of the finest pieces of jade out price diamonds and are desired … More Jade- Asian Art


While I sleep, the sea creeps into my bed I get sea sick and toss and turn begging for land And hot water with lemon I grasp my sheets, my clothes, the bed but the water has no sympathy Finally, with no hope left I reach for hin and shipwreck on an island somewhere… -Saschia … More Shipwrecked

Passionate Seekers

Empty sex, soulless endeavors and failed attempts at trying to find ourselves somewhere buried beneath all the shit we were drowning in. He called me a bitch in front of the kid and I didn’t like that so I reached out and socked him right in the chin. “I don’t need this. Why am I even … More Passionate Seekers


Tipped over the rail my stomach cannot contain it’s contents anymore. He’s rubbing my back and telling me I’m doing a great job. I needed him then and there and that’s what I got.

Skin Show

I. I see the crevices where my mind has changed route Where the blood has stopped flowing and changed direction To kill off the illusion of rage and hypocrisy There’s a skin shed in the corner of the room no one speaks of it but me Who’s skin is that? Who was left so empty? … More Skin Show