Edgy fashion editorial collages by Stephanie Lopes Simoes

omgoodness fabulous! I love Modern Art


e970adce24073718b97edb4a06dbf035stephanie-lopes-simoes-23dfc080d2a9d43350839a43ab62bc318bstephanie-lopes-simoes-02stephanie-lopes-simoes-27stephanie-lopes-simoes-08stephanie-lopes-simoes-18tumblr_nvi1ms07Bd1r3wk1zo2_1280stephanie-lopes-simoes-04stephanie-lopes-simoes-09stephanie-lopes-simoes-01stephanie-lopes-simoes-19stephanie-lopes-simoes-17stephanie-lopes-simoes-26stephanie-lopes-simoes-03stephanie-lopes-simoes-22f091eb21889503.5630923a8fe26stephanie-lopes-simoes-15stephanie-lopes-simoes-16stephanie-lopes-simoes-25stephanie-lopes-simoes-12stephanie-lopes-simoes-14stephanie-lopes-simoes-28stephanie-lopes-simoes-20stephanie-lopes-simoes-21stephanie-lopes-simoes-10stephanie-lopes-simoes-11stephanie-lopes-simoes-24stephanie-lopes-simoes-13stephanie-lopes-simoes-05stephanie-lopes-simoes-07stephanie-lopes-simoes-06Edgy fashion editorial collages by Stephanie Lopes Simoes

on Behance and Instagram

Stephanie Lopes Simoes is a graphic designer from South Africa, now living and working in Antwerp, Belgium. Stephanie’s main focus lies on creating collage illustrations from fashion editorial photography. Her work keeps the editorial feel from the original photograph, yet by adding layers of paint, ink and texture Stephanie gives the photos a new life and an edge. The models in her pieces turn from a pretty face into a mysterious, edgy beings: pieces of modern art.

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