Just one more inch

So close that’s usually how I do

Not usually you hit the mark

Or Right on

I hear

So close

You were this close

If only you made it just one more inch

Maybe living will be my talent

The one thing I did right

They’ll Mention it in my eulogy

As if I mastered the art of being alive

Not that it’s something to master

There’s no right way to be alive

That’s what I’d say

(My husband may disagree)


Just Released! Anthology Volume I: Writings from the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective

Can’t wait to get my copy. If you haven’t checked these guys out do it now. 🙂

A Global Divergent Literary Collective

The Sudden Denoument Literary Collective is thrilled to announce the release of Anthology Volume I: Writings for the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective!  This long-awaited anthology is a thoughtfully curated compendium of the best writing published online by the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective from its launch in August of 2016 through April 2018. It includes 138 pieces of cutting-edge poetry, prose and short fiction written by 29 diverse writers from England, Romania, Japan, India, Finland, the United States and Canada. Thirty-one of the 138 pieces were written exclusively for the Anthology. This volume captures the astonishing raw power of these individual and united poetic voices.

Now available on Amazon.com and Amazon.com.uk

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Let me love you deeply

beautiful words


I want to bare you,

I need to enter you,

Probe your being

Infecting your feelings,

Infest your heart

Feel how it beats,

Flow around

Your bloodstream,

Coalesce with your essence,

Travel your chakra’s

From crown to root

I will touch you,

In ways unknown

Heart aches

Mind blown

Love lorn

To the bone

Me and you alone

The two of us

In solitude

You loving me

Me loving you.

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Glow Worms!!

Writers Ink—Writing and Stuff

AtlasObscuraGloworms Photo by Shaun Jeffers

From Atlas Obscura

Thousands of glowworms hang peacefully in this cave in Waitomo, New Zealand, forming a magnificent bioluminescent cosmos. Today, many of the tour guides that offer trips into the caves are the descendants of Maori Chief Tane Tinorau, one of the men who first discovered the cave back in 1887. Read more about the caves here:https://trib.al/uFdypwT

I know, I know…incredible, eh? I’m always amazed at what can be found inside the strangest places. Not that the places themselves are strange. Certainly caves are not. But. Finding something so unanticipated and stunning inside the ordinary smashes the senses into a shock-like awe. I can only begin to imagine what this would be like in person.

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Edgy fashion editorial collages by Stephanie Lopes Simoes

omgoodness fabulous! I love Modern Art

Flow Art Station

e970adce24073718b97edb4a06dbf035stephanie-lopes-simoes-23dfc080d2a9d43350839a43ab62bc318bstephanie-lopes-simoes-02stephanie-lopes-simoes-27stephanie-lopes-simoes-08stephanie-lopes-simoes-18tumblr_nvi1ms07Bd1r3wk1zo2_1280stephanie-lopes-simoes-04stephanie-lopes-simoes-09stephanie-lopes-simoes-01stephanie-lopes-simoes-19stephanie-lopes-simoes-17stephanie-lopes-simoes-26stephanie-lopes-simoes-03stephanie-lopes-simoes-22f091eb21889503.5630923a8fe26stephanie-lopes-simoes-15stephanie-lopes-simoes-16stephanie-lopes-simoes-25stephanie-lopes-simoes-12stephanie-lopes-simoes-14stephanie-lopes-simoes-28stephanie-lopes-simoes-20stephanie-lopes-simoes-21stephanie-lopes-simoes-10stephanie-lopes-simoes-11stephanie-lopes-simoes-24stephanie-lopes-simoes-13stephanie-lopes-simoes-05stephanie-lopes-simoes-07stephanie-lopes-simoes-06Edgy fashion editorial collages by Stephanie Lopes Simoes

on Behance and Instagram

Stephanie Lopes Simoes is a graphic designer from South Africa, now living and working in Antwerp, Belgium. Stephanie’s main focus lies on creating collage illustrations from fashion editorial photography. Her work keeps the editorial feel from the original photograph, yet by adding layers of paint, ink and texture Stephanie gives the photos a new life and an edge. The models in her pieces turn from a pretty face into a mysterious, edgy beings: pieces of modern art.

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