Responsibilities are getting to me
the world and its demands
the time and its movement

It all calls me
It all pulls me

and still I’m going to wake up
grateful for one more day

I’m going to create a life
I’m honored to leave behind
I’m going to support the parts
of myself that I need in order
to build the life I dream

The water falls into my palms
and overflows down my arms
over my knees and puddles
between my toes

Always returning
So many new beginnings

Saschia Johnson

I’m proud of you for showing up even when you don’t want to.

I Just Wanna Stay Home

I want to be home
with my things
and my blankets

I want to let sweet treats
dissolve in my mouth slowly
and I want my veggies crisped
and salted just the way I like

Naps and snoozes
screaming loud to my favorite

dancing wild and free
the one place I can be me

Don’t ask me to go out today
I just wanna stay home

Saschia Johnson

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com