Egyptian Scribes

Alright so I’m a writer. My dream is to write, sell books, maybe run some workshops, and some mentoring. I need constant reminders that anything else is a hobby or an interest or a challenge I’d like to face and not my calling.

So I was thinking and visualizing myself in the future. I was thinking about who I am and who I want to be, I saw myself writing at a table surrounded by huge scrolls. Huge. Like from the ceiling to the floor. When I saw this image, I felt peace, solitude, and familiarity. I find our minds fascinating and I was inspired to see myself writing while also slightly disappointed by not being surrounded by piles of money.

But it got me thinking about how writers were treated much differently in ancient Egypt. They were called scribes back then and did hieroglyphs. So of course I had to do some looking into the scribe life. Here’s a few tidbits I found on

“The text known as the Satire of the Trades dates to the Middle Kingdom, the Golden Age of Egyptian literature, between 2025 and 1700 BC. It belongs to a genre known as ‘Wisdom Texts’, supposed collections of the experiences of learned and influential men to be shared with following generations as advice on behaviour, deportment and career advancement. In the Ramesside era (1300-1075 BC), the Satire of the Trades was one of the texts most frequently copied by student scribes. It compares a scribe’s work with that of other trades and crafts in an attempt to persuade the student that education will make him better off than anyone else. The introduction, supposedly written by a father for his son, reads:  

I have seen many beatings – set your heart on books! I have watched those conscripted for labour – there is nothing better than books! It [scribedom] is the greatest of all callings, there is none like it in all the land.

There’s more. But I’ve lost track of time so I’ll have to continue this post for tomorrow.

Stay tuned more on Egyptian Scribes to come.

Martin Luther King Jr

Fun fact you may not have heard about Martin Luther King Jr from

King’s Birth Name Was Michael, Not Martin

King was born Michael King Jr. on January 15, 1929. In 1934, however, his father, a pastor at Atlanta’s Ebenezer Baptist Church, traveled to Germany and became inspired by the Protestant Reformation leader Martin Luther. As a result, King Sr. changed his own name as well as that of his five-year-old son.

In 8th grade, I was a fan of Martin Luther and it inspired me how he reformed the church. I wrote a paper on him and was actually motivated to write it, which was rare. It makes me wonder, though what’s in a name? Martin Luther King Jr reformed an entire nation just as the man he was named after. I wonder if things would be the same if Martin Luther King Sr had never changed his and his son’s name.

My name means helper of mankind. I wonder if that will have anything to do with my legacy? I suppose I’d have to make that my legacy if that’s what I wanted. I know Martin Luther King Jr didn’t just happen across his legacy. He worked hard everyday leading, organizing, and sacrificing his own safety to make change. We can’t give all the credit of his hard work to his name, can we?

Either way, I’m forever grateful for the sacrifices that Martin Luther King Jr and his family made to support the black community.

Critical Thinking is Hard

There’s people out there that make sarcastic and belittling remarks by saying do you have a brain? But you know what, with everything we are bombarded with today, it’s hard to have a moment to ourselves to think about things.

I like to think in my own quiet space. I like to think in groups of other thinkers. However, it’s not easy to carve out time to think and teach myself with a 2 year old at home. I barely have time to read the books I love like Terry Pratchett’s Disc World or books written by my writing friends. But I want to read. I want to self teach. I want to work on something that hurts my brain but I keep going so I can finally understand a new perspective.

At the same time, I enjoy this part of my life. I enjoy the adventure and the networking. I may not be learning from books but I am learning so many new things about business and networking and working with a team.

It’s interesting that critical thinking and learning don’t come hand in hand. I am learning new things and learning new perspectives but it’s not in a deep and internal way. You’d think, thinking always came with learning. But truth be told, not much of what I’ve learned about business has shifted my perspective or moved me in any great way.

What has moved me, is the support I’ve gotten from those I love. It’s moved me to meet other people who want the same changes and who understand my vision.

So the point of all this is say, appreciate the time you have to think critically. Seek out subjects that steal your attention from social media. But don’t be so busy searching for a deep thought that you forget to appreciate what you have in front of you.

The Roots Are Intertwined

On the love of learning

Some people like to think of learning, life, and time as linear things. I’m more of a B theorist, (but I’m not so committed I’d stake my life on it). We forget sometimes how living and learning something new can be like having too many tabs open and trying to find out where the music is coming from.

Learning and life are supposed to be uncertain and if they’re done correctly, both should bring people together. There’s so much connection in a community of learners who are all engaged and excited about reaching the same goal.

I’m not a teacher but I am a learner who gets excited at the thought of being released head first into a new subject. I like when the teacher trusts me with the content. I like being part of engaging communities. And I like when it’s accepted and encouraged to take subject matter into my own hands.

There’s Two Movies

That I watch to calm myself down when I have anxiety or depression. The first one is Dr. Strange. It grew on me. I’m not sure when it became a comfort movie for me but it is now.


The second one is Dark Crystal by Jim Henson and was a comfort movie for me since the first time I watched it. Dark Crystal has something about it that keeps me coming back for more.

I won’t say much so I don’t spoil it but I’m going to mention some of my favorite characters.

My all time favorite is Deet. She also reminds me of one of my close friends from middle school.

Taken from

My second favs are a pair of heretic skeksis, Urgoh and Skekgra. I absolutely love their interactions and their role in the story. They bring a lot of character to the film.

Taken from

What are your comfort movies?

Until it Shifts

The art that comes out of me when I’m alone is much different from the art that comes out of me when I’m surrounded by people. The art the comes out of me when I’m rested is different from the art that comes out of me when I’m exhausted. I like to write in all different environments but mostly I start writing around 10pm every night by habit.

Lately, it’s been tough though.

A while ago, I read that art dates help. I’ve noticed in the past they help to keep me moving forward. What’s an art date? It’s when you take yourself out to get art supplies. You take your time and get what ever lights your fire. (The dollar store has a great art supply section these days.) Then you spend a couple hours creating in solitude. It’s suggested by the writer Julia Cameron in her book titled, The Artist’s Way.

Tomorrow I might have to try it. But I might just need to write and wait it out until it shifts.


Responsibilities are getting to me
the world and its demands
the time and its movement

It all calls me
It all pulls me

and still I’m going to wake up
grateful for one more day

I’m going to create a life
I’m honored to leave behind
I’m going to support the parts
of myself that I need in order
to build the life I dream

The water falls into my palms
and overflows down my arms
over my knees and puddles
between my toes

Always returning
So many new beginnings

Saschia Johnson

I’m proud of you for showing up even when you don’t want to.