Enough is Enough



When is enough, enough? I rise to the call for action often. Work 19 hours out of 24 hours. Try to take a night for mental health when it appears slow so that I don’t work seven hard days in a row and end up working through the night from home. And still it’s not enough. I feel like I let people down at work trying my best and for what?


Sure, “a paycheck,” but there’s more to life than money. They say, “Yea, but if your life is going to be hard, you might as well get paid well” That’s usually said with a half-defeated chuckle but with 100% conviction.

I’m told that having a job that generates electricity is important. Our society depends mightily on electricity, after all. In many ways, it’s our life blood. I help keep hospitals powered and the infrastructure running smoothly. I help…

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Not Your Wife

Dishes stacked high cracked

Jam smeared on dinner plates

Salt and pepper shakers covered by

bills and love letters scattered over the dining room table

The bathroom door is left open

A lady’s leg is propped over the edge of the tub

Her leg is shaved and slick as the slip n slide that nearly knocked us out in our childhood

smells of lavender and rum dance

Strands of her red hair lead the way to the pink wash cloth hiding her breasts

She has a candle burning

And a book about love in the old days

She’s full

Alone in that bathroom she needs only to know what happens in the next chapter


Promise You, Trust Me

“Swallow them down so that it doesn’t hurt so bad to need the love they promised if only you could just behave.” Loving these words. Couldn’t read one more post without sharing.

Allison Marie Conway

They want you to tell them what they want to hear, but they don’t know what they want. In my life, I have made myself into many forms of woman to fit in, to get along, to be what men want, to be what women want, to do what they say and please as I had been taught to please. But I never like myself much for it. Not as much as I like myself when I do what I love, what I crave, what I desire, in spite of the judgment of everyone else. So now I do not beg. And now I do not chase. And now I do not need anyone to tell me what I’ve done is good enough. In this world, evil rises. Cruelty reigns over many a nation, climate, industry, air wave. I am not sure how I missed this, or how I ever…

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Hans Andersen Brindekilde

Hans Andersen Brindekilde

Worn Out or Udlsidt

Aka Working Class

This picture was created to celebrate 100 years since the French revolution. I find myself fascinated by his ability to capture these raw moments in life. This particular picture uses earth tones I think it suggests how close we are to returning to the earth. And how work tends to drive us there much quicker than we are prepared for. The way she holds him it seems as if he’s someone close to her heart. Oh, how I can relate to her emotions here.

I’m wondering your opinions.