The words to save me are trapped inside my lungs. Yes, I have them, but my lack of intellect has shoved them into place. It’s not the intellect itself that I lack it’s the motivation to use it. Words words words they’re art. They’ve got meaning even without intellect. See. Who needs to think. -Saschia … More Intellect

Photography- Morality Project

Photography/Editing: James Futrell Hair: Melissa Payne Makeup/Creative Director: Saschia Johnson Models: Tessa Dipallina and Christine Talamayan   . Wanna read more? Here’s another great piece from our Morality Collection by Geoff Blanchette  


This world is edgy everywhere I step I find edge Or maybe it’s because I walk along it This last time got too close for comfort I better find myself further from the edge before I fall over it    

Woke up to this

My brother sent me this video and it was a great start to my morning. It’s about unreasonably reaching goals. Figured I’d pass it along since I really enjoyed it.   Love how he ends it.   Creative Process


I get these dreams and wonder was I looking through my own eyes. When they looked at me did they see the body I see? Is there ever mirrors in dreams? Next dream I have I’m looking for a mirror. Saschia


Cord  The cord to the blinds snapped right off I was hoping to let some light in But maybe this filtered light isn’t so bad Should I buy a new cord, A new blind, Or tie it back together the best I can? I’m going to peek through to see if the light is worth … More Cord

The Fall

Did you ever believe? If you never have then you’re not a credible source. I need someone on both sides of the coin. -Saschia Johnson  

The muse

Originally posted on irevuo:
? Inspiration has no schedule. To those of you who have no muse today, tonight, tomorrow: wait. Do not worry, for it does nothing but hinder your inspiration and ability to concentrate. To those who have found your muse: use it. Abuse it. Have fun. Enjoy. To all the rest: I…

Love Song

  I admire his persistence and oh, how his howling soothes like the thumping inside her womb those vibrating drums birthed from her mouth I admire his persistence how her beats stretch across his howl The night twinkles bare, bare, bare, with dull blood Dance in her womb, crawl on your knees, eyes shut A mighty … More Love Song