Took Me All Day

Took me all day to sit and write
took time and focus and
some self love
but here I am writing
because I might not have Wifi
so I gotta get it done now
then I can say
I write everyday
It helps me speak better
it also helps me love better
but mostly helps me
know me better
that’s what keeps me going

Saschia Johnson

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I Just Wanna Stay Home

I want to be home
with my things
and my blankets

I want to let sweet treats
dissolve in my mouth slowly
and I want my veggies crisped
and salted just the way I like

Naps and snoozes
screaming loud to my favorite

dancing wild and free
the one place I can be me

Don’t ask me to go out today
I just wanna stay home

Saschia Johnson

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