To Do’s

Here’s some poetry only a writer could love. An example of my love hate relationship with editing. But it must be done! To Do’s Can you backspace Center space Use less commas But add one here, Double space and Don’t forget 1 inch Indent and margins And of course Know your genre Characters and places … More To Do’s

Missing You

Missing You It’s a been a year, since you went away I wish I could have said what I wanted to say I’m still here, looking for answers to explain Why you decided, your life couldn’t be the same. Missing your voice and the look of your face, Knowing that no one, can take your … More Missing You

Purple Hat

Purple Hat Welcomed by the man with the tall purple hat   I could do nothing but freeze and fall back The wizzies wanged and the scared babies screamed This place is a real life dark day dream. Full of thinking thinkers and mind tinkers I think I’ve done it, some one thing rightly, Writing … More Purple Hat


Cord  The cord to the blinds snapped right off I was hoping to let some light in But maybe this filtered light isn’t so bad Should I buy a new cord, A new blind, Or tie it back together the best I can? I’m going to peek through to see if the light is worth … More Cord

This is bad

This is bad These critics tell me how this is bad so bad They cringe and shrivel and their fingers twitch horizontal And I say, with the most innocent eyes I can conjure, I like it this way I like it a mess And rugged and the honesty that’s so pure it makes you cry … More This is bad

Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath The tub is full and the bubbles bobble on top My legs have adjusted but when the rest of me sinks in it burns. In the tub, I’m a lost soul venturing from the heavens to a five star hotel It is there I’m considered a holy whore with no divine gifts My words … More Bubble Bath

Odilon Redon

“The sense of mystery is a matter of being all the time amid the equivocal, in double and triple aspects, and hints of aspects (images within images), forms which are coming to birth, or which will come to birth according to the state of mind of the observer.” -Odilon Redon, Notes to Himself Odilon Redon … More Odilon Redon