Enough is Enough



When is enough, enough? I rise to the call for action often. Work 19 hours out of 24 hours. Try to take a night for mental health when it appears slow so that I don’t work seven hard days in a row and end up working through the night from home. And still it’s not enough. I feel like I let people down at work trying my best and for what?


Sure, “a paycheck,” but there’s more to life than money. They say, “Yea, but if your life is going to be hard, you might as well get paid well” That’s usually said with a half-defeated chuckle but with 100% conviction.

I’m told that having a job that generates electricity is important. Our society depends mightily on electricity, after all. In many ways, it’s our life blood. I help keep hospitals powered and the infrastructure running smoothly. I help…

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