Wake Up Altered

Drunken Pen Writing

What goes up, must come down,
Or so I’m told, and so it goes.
And so I go, but will I go?
Can I go? May I go? Might I go?
I just don’t know.
I tried to understand it though,
My understanding doesn’t show.
Knowledge buried deep inside.
But inside me there’s no upside.
Just a downward fall to emptiness,
Peppered with some nastiness,
And total lack of motivation,
To make these dreams come true.
My cowardice ensues,
And stops the application dead
Before the words can leave my head,
I’m headed down a path–mislead?
Mislead by whom? Mislead by me?
Or it could be something else, maybe.
Programmed way ahead of time.
But this time, I’m out of time
Yet there’s still plenty of time
For nothing.
Well, isn’t that something?
Something sometimes equals bliss,
But with bliss I am remiss,
Often careless, cheerless, underhanded
Griping, sniping, too…

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