A Conscious Writer

A Conscious Writer

Is A Valuable Type of Writer


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Photo by Quentin Lagache on Unsplash

We live in a world where it’s inappropriate to admit how you truly feel.

We are shunned from certain circles when we question authority. It’s not always the authority figure shunning us. Often times, the authority figure is excited to finally have someone aware enough to engage with. It’s usually others in the group that shun the question asker, as if questioning behavior is uncouth.

We are taught to keep our heads down and be like everybody else.

But there’s some writers who are a different. They write to capture all their feelings. They question without fear because they need those answers to write the truth in their stories. They hold their heads up when everyone’s told to put their heads down, so they can observe what’s not being seen. These writers, they’re on a journey and their writing is proof they’re still alive. In poetic terms, each page is an exhale.

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