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I am not saying that meditation is the only element necessary to turn you into a master writer, but if this practice is absent from your writing and creative process, you are simply leaving too much potential on the table. –Farnoosh Brock

Meditation is important for the imagination. It gives us the space to accept all thoughts and ideas and allows them to flow through us. When you write don’t you want ideas to come to you. It’s no fun chasing ideas. Meditation coaxs them toward you. Sometimes we have to chase, that’s just the way it is but if we can be handed our ideas most of the time, that would make our writers life more enjoyable.

Meditation can be done in so many different ways. There’s stream of thought, walking, bathing, and a million other ways. Even guided meditations are acceptable. There’s no need to stick to just one style, switch it up. Plan to change the way you meditation throughout the year because seasons change. Which leads right into my next thought.

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Different seasons call for different types of meditations. Our lives are always changing. Some seasons we don’t need to meditate as much, other seasons we’ll be doing it every day or more. I’m not saying just let it happen when it happens. Routine is excellent if that works for you, but make sure you’re trying new ways to meditate within that routine.

As a conscious writer, being aware of what you need is important, but it doesn’t always mean you’ll knowhow to get what you need. Finding the time to meditate can be tricky. You may need to stay up later or get up before the rest of the house. You may need to go out of your way like find a babysitter or take a day off of work. Being intentional about making time to meditate can be the trickiest part, but remind yourself that this is part of your work, then make it happen.

It’s important to look at mediation as part of your work, as part of the process. Meditation most times can be the fuel to get you through a writing session.

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When do you meditate? How do you meditate? Why do you meditate is it just for writing or is it for your entire well being? Does it help you write? I’d love to hear about you.

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