Call to Action

Part six Ways you can show veterans and their families grace Community Endeavors Help veterans find their voice, advocate until then. In the workplace Connections -Friendships So let’s recap: Suicide among our service members is disproportionately high, employment among our military spouses is disproportionately low. We have community organizations committed to ensuring the success ofContinue reading “Call to Action”

Why Grace for Our Service Members and Their Families

Part One Grace is a leadership quality we don’t talk about very much but it just might be the most important one as we enter the newest unknown. Jill Griffin, I write about jobs, careers, board service, and the workplace. I got an ad on my news feed from Disney Institute that said, “Optimize yourContinue reading “Why Grace for Our Service Members and Their Families”

Naps on Saturday

I got to spend my saturday doing whatever I wanted! I haven’t had a completely free day in forever! So I definitely took the first nap I’ve taken in a long time. Makes me laugh because after all the years of miscarrying and needing to sleep, I’m relishing in all this extra energy I have.Continue reading “Naps on Saturday”

Goals: Write Them

There’s something in your brain that connects better when you write things down. According to, “You are 42 percent more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down.” I don’t know about you but I could use that extra 42% when it comes to reaching my goals. There’s a lot going onContinue reading “Goals: Write Them”