She Lied

Jayne.PressSep 28 · 1 min read A micro story about a girl who lied “I’m going to Venice,” she says. “I’m late for my flight.” Her empty palms show as she waves goodbye to her friends. She freezes for a moment to sip from her piping hot cup of coffee, then rushes off down the road. A fewContinue reading “She Lied”

Writer’s Slump

Jayne.PressSep 23 · 2 min read Let’s crawl out of there Let’s start with a little positive self talk Do you know how far you’ve come? Do you know how many times you were this close to giving up. When I say giving up, I mean throwing in the entire towel. But look at you, not only areContinue reading “Writer’s Slump”

What it Takes to be an Artist

Jayne.Press·3 min read Have you lost yourself in societal expectations? Our housekeeping is mendicant, our arts, our occupations, our marriages, our religion, we have not chosen, but society has chosen for us. -Ralph Waldo Emerson taken from his essay titled Self-Reliance Have you lost yourself in societal expectations? Trying to meet the expectations of everyone aroundContinue reading “What it Takes to be an Artist”

Six Tips on How to Start Writing

Let’s write books !! There are people out there who write entire books. You say you wanna write. You say you have a great story with great ideas. There’s only one thing stopping you from getting a great story from inside your head and onto paper. The only thing stopping you is you. That’s noContinue reading “Six Tips on How to Start Writing”

To Live

Let’s Discuss There are a few different things that come to mind when we think about what it means to live. There’s the idea that we are walking, talking, breathing human beings that eat, sleep, and poop. Then there is the choice to live. To wake up and do more than just survive. This mindset looks like, tasting new things, goingContinue reading “To Live”

Candle on the Water

How to keep writing even when flooded of uncertainty When we start writing our novels and our poems we have this grand idea. It starts in our head. Then we find different ways to get it out on paper whether writing outlines or going right in and developing the piece as we go. The processContinue reading “Candle on the Water”

Get Those Keys Out

Stop overlooking your natural talent Keysyou have themSlippy mindyou tucked them in your chestprepared to unlockthe world You don’t need to wait,you can open itfor you. Saschia Johnson There are so many times we wait for someone else to unlock the door for us but the whole time we have the keys tucked away. Don’t forgetContinue reading “Get Those Keys Out”


Bring us peace and focus The church bellsline us up on timeON TIME Beep Children tap their small feetand wriggly fingers against the table Clash Stand on the diving boardand lean in head firsttill the watersbubble around you When you’re readyjust swimup Saschia Johnson This poem was published on Know Thyself Heal Thyself A greatContinue reading “Bubbles”

The Creative Process Doesn’t Require Caffeine

The creative process welcomes sleepy and unmotivated people Caffeine is wonderful. This post is less about caffeine and more about accepting yourself in all your sleepy unmotivated states. Our brains don’t need to go a million miles per hour to get writing done. I have the same writing goals set for myself every day andContinue reading “The Creative Process Doesn’t Require Caffeine”

Write to Wake Up

Writing wakes me up to so many things, here’s a few. Do you write to wake up? And no, I don’t mean in the morning. Writing in many ways shines a light on the parts of yourself that you didn’t even notice. And the lessons that come with being a writer also tend to shine aContinue reading “Write to Wake Up”