Mompreneur Moments

I spent the day today handing out Thank You/ Christmas cards to businesses who donated to our non profit’s Silent Auction. I got the pleasure of having my youngest with me. The plan was to hand out thank you cards, then to her excitement, pick out presents for her sister and father. She was so good today. The worst moment was when I turned around to place my order at Starbucks, she made herself at home quicker than I could say, “Creme Brule”. Funniest thing. She had her shoes off, coat off and was laying down on the back of the booth. I was so shocked I didn’t know whether to pay or grab her and hold up the line. She doesn’t even get comfortable that quick at home! (I’m laughing while I write this.) Thankfully, the cashier (who’s amazing) bribed her off the back of the booth with a cake pop. This incident could have gone real bad real quick but the cashier really made it a lot less stressful by helping out rather than putting me down. Thank god for humans who get parenting.

I’d say we had a successful day. I really am so glad I got to bring her along with me.

Thanks to the Starbucks worker for making sure we had a great day despite our failing at social expectations. We appreciate you!

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