I Came To Thrive and Prosper

A world where women are safe and free. Where they have freedoms that include “Freedom of speech · Freedom of worship · Freedom from want · Freedom from fear.”  Where they can set goals and reach for their aspirations authentically and still have enough to care for herself at the end of the week. WhereContinue reading “I Came To Thrive and Prosper”

Create Rich Experiences

When writing with others, I think it’s important to make sure we are appreciating both aspects in our writing communities; our differences and our commonality For most of us writers, we’re all doing our own thing, writing our own way, living our own individual writer’s life the best way we know how. We focus onContinue reading “Create Rich Experiences”


You’re ready. There’s a huge chance that you’ve been ready for a very long time. There may be some limitations holding you back. There may be physical reasons or financial reasons or reason that feel completely out of your control. But whether you’re ready or not, are you getting ready for the opportunities that awaitContinue reading “Ready?”

One of Those Days

Toady was one of those days I wanted to go back to sleep and try again tomorrow. Today was also one of those days where everything went the way it was supposed to. No traffic, gas in the tank, food in my belly, under my calorie goal, hydrated. I mean everything went nice and smooth.Continue reading “One of Those Days”

Certainty is Overrated

There is something about certainty that creates passivity until the thing happens. Rather than taking advantage of the moments in between what we currently know and what we will know, it becomes waiting. We gotta stop waiting til we’re certain. We gotta start doing what we’re called to do regardless of the discomfort that comesContinue reading “Certainty is Overrated”

Prioritize Your Self Love

I just wanted to take the time to talk about it. Self-love, what is it? Self-love is making taking care of yourself a priority. It’s not hedonistic. It’s basic wellbeing. In our culture, taking care of yourself is a luxury (especially right now with these gas prices). Even growing up in the church, they leanedContinue reading “Prioritize Your Self Love”