Christmas Eve Thoughts

I spent the day resting with my family and it made me realize I much I’ve been doing lately. It’s wild how work snowballs once you’re moving and meeting and zooming around town. It starts out with just a couple things, or a couple errands here and there, then a few weeks later you’ve driven to 5 towns in one day without the blink of an eye. Just throw a toddler in the mix -and bam, it’s an avalanche from there. It was so so nice to rest.

Another nice thing was having my oldest home from school for the holidays. She really completes our home dynamic. She loves her little sister and we adore her, so when she’s home for a holiday, we usually watch movies as a family and play some sort of game.

Work/life balance is nice because it breaks it all up. Makes things easier to appreciate that are normally overlooked. I wonder a lot whether I’m spending enough time with all of my loved ones. I’ve learned though that when I mind myself first, time with my loved ones is more fulfilling. I think the works with everything. As long as I respect my own time and space my work/life balance will be more fulfilling.

Merry Christmas from Jayne.Press

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