Choosing What Feedback

Writing groups provide the “Best way to learn to choose what feedback is important.” What do I mean by this? Well, let me start with a little writer’s community gossip. There’s a story going around that Hans Christian Andersen fell on his face and sobbed from getting critical feedback about his writing. (I’ve been there,Continue reading “Choosing What Feedback”

Over the Next Week

We’ll dig in a little more. I’m going to go over the conversation starters over the next week. I think we can keep working on this subject and keep developing some really great ideas for writers. It’s important to have solitude while you write and think and create, but it’s equally important to include othersContinue reading “Over the Next Week”

Get Perspective

I’ve been talking about writing groups for a couple days now so I thought tonight would be a good night to share another writers input on writing groups. Author Joani Elliott says something I love. She says,”Writing can be a lonely endeavor and a good writing group can help provide needed strength, feedback and perspectiveContinue reading “Get Perspective”

Writing Groups

In honor of our Wednesday Lunch Date There are a lot of different kinds of writing groups. Some groups are meant to workshop your manuscripts, some are meant to share poetry, some are informative sessions with author talks, and then there are the amazing story slams. Those seem pretty fun. Today, we even have onlineContinue reading “Writing Groups”

About Our Lunch Date

Hello writers!I’m just over here getting ready for our Wednesday lunch date!! 😁😁😁 You can join the conversation on IG @Jayne_press For June, My goal is to inspire some conversation in comments section. In case you didn’t take the time to slide left or right yet, I’ll explain.One picture is the Lunch date info. The other isContinue reading “About Our Lunch Date”

Why I Succeed

I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed. Michael Jordan I mostly appreciate the quote because it’s from Michael Jordan. I forget about the failures it took when I see people as successful as him. He had to make some pretty silly mistakes too. We’re human,Continue reading “Why I Succeed”