Sleep and Dreams

Last night was rough for me. I couldn’t sleep and had an annoying little stomach ache. It was not fun at all. Since I was up, I wrote a bit extra in hopes that it would help me sleep. I also drank some sleepy tea. I used to suffer from insomnia real bad. Like I didn’t even realize good sleep was thing. I wondered how people slept through all the sounds in their home without waking up once. Now I sleep through them.

I write about sleep a lot, even in my stories. It’s a natural part of life so I think our characters should do it in their own way. I do appreciate reading about dreams. I love the Red Book by Jung. I appreciate Revelation more so these days. For some reason, it scared me growing up. Now that I perceive it more as a dream it has less of a horror feel to it.

Dreams and nightmares are like a bonus full of symbolism, preperation for some future event that may or may not happen, answers to questions, or inspiration to creative pursuits. I love stories with a dreamy vision feel to them. I like art that way too. Which is why the Symbolist movement is one of my favorites.

I love hearing about people’s dreams and listening to them make sense of them in a deep way. I’ve read that we are the best ones to interpret our own dreams because they are ours. I do wonder though, are they an amalgam of our own subconscious and conscious? Are they a divine interventions? Are they something you should stake your life on?

What do you think?

And incase anyone else had a rough night,

8 Things Sleep Experts Do in the Morning After a Poor Night’s Sleep
By Jessica Migala  July 17, 2021 on

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