James Joyce

James Joyce inspires me. Some people say he was pompous but even if he was I find so much joy reading his works. He shares in a defiant way but it’s so creative I let it happen. How freeing it is to create. He seemed to take full advantage of his ability to string scenes together and present it in a unique way to his audience.

That reminds me, I should pull his book out and take some time to read it again.

James Joyce wrote some experimental fictions like Ulysses and Finnigan’s Wake. He also wrote literary fictions a couple titled The Dubliners and A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man.

James Joyce’s subtle yet frank portrayal of human nature, coupled with his mastery of language and brilliant development of new literary forms, made him one of the major figures of literary Modernism and among the most commanding influences on novelists of the 20th century.


If you haven’t yet, take some time to venture through his works. Even if you don like them, you’ll see how Joyce ventured outside the box. And if that’s not art, I don’t know what is.

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Jayne is a writer. On her free time she likes to be with her family hiking outdoors and traveling. New England is her home and place of birth. When asked what she wants to teach the world she replied, "Don't stop searching. Too many times, in my old life, I put my search aside for more 'important matters.' I didn't realize the thing I was searching for held what was most important; my soul purpose." Jayne works daily on improving her craft and at times can get down on herself, but her favorite morning mantra is "It's a new day." and that's what she strives to start with.

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