Cezanne on Emotions

Genius is the ability to renew one’s emotions in daily experience.

Paul Cezanne

I love how artists can find the genius is everyone. There’s something so accepting about artists with this mentality. It feels inviting to know that genius can be found simply by renewing your emotions. I say simply but truly it can be quite hard to renew your emotions. We can accidentally bombard ourselves with things that take us out of our element. I have a couple ways I’ve been renewing my emotions. Here’s a couple examples of how I allow myself to play with things that bring me joy.

I have this game called Kotodama Diary and it really just lifts my spirits. The goal is to make as many different creatures as you can by feeding them a different combination of words. You slowly gain more word options as you progress. It’s fun and cute and lights up my life.

My other current joy is the Bento box lunch ideas for kids and the pink gamer side of IG.

Annnd the one thing I try to do every morning is listen to Abraham Hicks. Most of her youtube shorts are reminders on how to welcome joy, find joy, get back on track type of conversations.

Daily evening routine is writing and that of course is so consistent, that I often forget how much joy it can bring me. Thankfully, I’ve found this cool new website called WordPress that let’s me write to myself daily and so the magical thing is when someone likes one of my older posts it’s like a little reminder to myself about writing.

This post will make a come back over the years and remind me to renew my emotions.

Thanks Me!

Published by Jayne

Jayne is a writer. On her free time she likes to be with her family hiking outdoors and traveling. New England is her home and place of birth. When asked what she wants to teach the world she replied, "Don't stop searching. Too many times, in my old life, I put my search aside for more 'important matters.' I didn't realize the thing I was searching for held what was most important; my soul purpose." Jayne works daily improving her craft and at times can get down on herself, but her favorite morning mantra is "It's a new day." and that's what she strives to start with.

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