I’d love for everything to work out in my favor. The hard part is the challenges that come before the reward. The challenge isn’t always the tilling or busy work. It’s not always connecting and creating the best log line. The challenge that comes before the reward is often the same wall I keep runningContinue reading “Walls”

Johann David Passavant Changed Art Lit Forever

Johann David Passavant was born in 1787 in Germany. There’s isn’t much about Passavant’s personal life but let’s take some time to appreciate his contribution to art history. We know that Passavant was a painter and an enthusiastic spokesman for the Nazarene group. (The Nazarene movement was a group of artists inspired to bring spiritualityContinue reading “Johann David Passavant Changed Art Lit Forever”

Correction it was Vasari

I made an error on my last blog post. Giorgio Vasari who was alive from 1511- 1574, is actually the author of The Lives, the first and most esteemed model in the west for writing about artist’s life and work. I made the mistake of mentioning that Johann David Passavant, (alive from 1787-1860), was theContinue reading “Correction it was Vasari”

Art and Consciousness

Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash Consciousness is the ability to exchange a vast amount of ideas. These ideas can be externally or internally challenged. They are concepts that grow and change and bloom or fizzle away to allow new ones to take their place. In some instances, consciousness can separate the individual from things around them andContinue reading “Art and Consciousness”

Paul Gauguin On Solitude

  Paul Gauguin was a painter who was praised as the leader of the symbolist artists in 1891. This style of painting was inspired by the symbolist writers of the time. In a letter to symbolist poet, critic, and editor of litarary journals Charles Morice, Gauguin says, …[ There are] two kinds of beauty: oneContinue reading “Paul Gauguin On Solitude”

Jan Toorop

According to Mutualart.com, “Jan Toorop was a Dutch visual artist who was born in 1858. He has had numerous gallery and museum exhibitions, including at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and at the Rijksmuseum. Many works by the artist have been sold at auction, including ‘Portret van mevrouw M.J. de Lange — Portrait of Mrs M.J. de Lange’Continue reading “Jan Toorop”

Paul Cézanne

“Paul Cézanne was a post-impressionist painter born January 19th 1839 in France…..He felt that an artist should see nature in a way that no one has seen it before. That they must make a vision for themselves. Not in an extremely cryptic way, but by being fully conscious of their own sensations.” Read more