Female Fiction Writers

I do not wish women to have power over men; but over themselves. Mary Shelley Mary Shelley the writer of Frankenstein also has the best advice I’ve heard from a woman fiction writer who I appreciate. Now that I’m witting this, I’m wondering what other female fiction writers have said such empowering things like this.Continue reading “Female Fiction Writers”

Come Out Come Out Where Ever You Are

There’s this story you’ve been waiting to write. There’s these words that pop into your head as if they’ve lived there since before you were born. I don’t know where your words come from. Maybe they were there before you were born. What I do know is that words have power and sharing your storyContinue reading “Come Out Come Out Where Ever You Are”

Monster Creation

I’m here for you. In Frankenstein, we learn that a creation left unattended can turn into a monster. He wanders around looking for a sense of belonging. Looking for purpose, love, community. All these things could have been provided by Frankenstein but he was too ashamed of his work to invest in it. To ashamedContinue reading “Monster Creation”

You Should Understand

As a writer, you should not judge, you should understand. Ernest Hemingway As a writer, it is my job to understand humans as they are. If I place even one person under a microscope, I lose the context of their entire being. I remove them from their experiences, their feelings, their dreams, and place themContinue reading “You Should Understand”

Artistic Research

Today I listened to an interesting lecture by Adrian Piper titled What, exactly, is the Idea of Artistic Research? She brought up a lot of interesting points. one point that I found interesting was how classes can be so rigid it doesn’t allow artists to truly dig into their art in the same way greatContinue reading “Artistic Research”

Creative Fire

I love the way creatives look when they’re fully immersed in their work. Creative exploration is full of fun and games, at the same time it gets us out of bed in the middle of the night and in the morning. It’s love, the relationship we creatives have with our work. Just like marriage, creativeContinue reading “Creative Fire”