Puppy Dog Eyes

Those eyes will lie
they’ll look at you and say
I’m the cutest dog in the world
and I’m starving
look at these skinny legs
I need the food you’re eating

Some of you are strong enough to say no
Some of you are not.

Photo by Daria Rem on Pexels.com

Silly Billy

The words that drift out of me are sometimes a shocker. Who’s that man with the big moon eyes? Who’s that girl with the upside down curls? If there is a time we need to think it’s now, but thinking is entirely too much work so we busy ourselves with tasks. Redundant tasks that require little to think about. Tap a pen tap a tap pour the beer and give a smile because they love the smiles. Rest is something we need but too much is no good we need just the right amount. Google-me-drids is that a thing? Who gets just the right amount? I’m either tired from too much or from not nearly enough. Twinkle-me-timbers my toes are cold or I’d be napping right now.


I Feel It