It’s Ok to Not Know.

It’s ok to take time to learn. We live in a world that makes it hard to just be like, “Oh, I need to do more research on that before I make a choice in the matter.” There’s a lot I don’t understand that’s going on these days and there are some topics I don’t even know where to start to become more informed about them. There’s always so much more for me to learn and so many shifts in perspectives for me to experience. I’m ok with saying I gotta go do some more research but sometimes it’s scary for me to say that. Sometimes I feel like people scoff and expect me to have known it all ahead of time.

To get more personal, I just stepped into the non profit world and it is a ton of new information. A ton. And the amount of layers to the entire thing can make me feel so small. Thankfully there’s also a lot of meetups and there’s even nonprofits that help nonprofits thrive. So I sign up for everything I can show up to. I take advice and try my best to understand everything coming my way. But the point is I don’t know everything. I can’t know it all. And I’m literally not supposed to know it all because we are supposed to be run by a board. To be completely honest, it’s scary to be in this whole new world and have to rely on outside support to see success.

So I’m reminding myself and anyone else who’ll listen, it’s ok to not know. It’s ok to sign up for all the extra help classes and ask people what they think or if they have time to share some wisdom over coffee. Some people aren’t going to have time to support you in your endeavors and that’s ok. We are all out here literally trying to survive. But I can tell you, some people are going to show up. They are going to take time out of their busy lives and they are going to share their wisdom with you. And it’s a wonderful thing how valuable their wisdom and support becomes when you’re the new kid on the block.

I’d like to wrap this up by reminding my future self that people won’t know it all especially when they’re starting out. Future Ms. Saschia Jayne Johnson, make sure you find time to be the one who shares, cares, and shows up. You’re kindness might be their only bridge to success.

Let Your Light Shine

No matter what they say, writing is for everyone. Not everyone is a Nobel prize winner or author of the top selling book on Amazon. But everyone is welcomed to open the door to writing. Especially today, with indie authors having access to ebooks and social media marketing, it gives us even more leverage than ever to get our voices heard.

You really can’t say I’m not a writer. None or very very few of us write perfect first drafts. We all need a support system. Other writers, editors, tutorials, someone to pull us out of the spirals that come with writing. It takes a lot of work, but you can do it. You can write that book.

I know not everyone is interested in writing and that’s cool That leaves more room for me to be successful. lol But I think you should really think about writing that book you’ve been wanting to write. Let your authentic self shine through every sentence. Don’t like traditional format, throw that out the window then. Don’t like long never-ending stories, novella it is then. It may seem like it at face value but there’s really not that many rules when it comes to writing. There’s taking your vision and placing it into a format that others can relate to in some way. Readability helps but then there’s E E Cummings who even proved that to be false.

Let your light shine. Write with me. ūüėÄ

Amenemope an Egyptian Scribe

Amenemope¬†belongs to the literary genre of “instruction” (Egyptian¬†sebayt). It is the culmination of centuries of development going back to the¬†Instruction of Ptahhotep¬†in the¬†Old Kingdom[1][6]¬†but reflects a shift in values characteristic of the New Kingdom’s “Age of Personal Piety”: away from material success attained through practical action, and towards inner peace achieved through patient endurance and passive acceptance of an inscrutable divine will.
Photo by cottonbro on

As a lover of writers, I wanted to make sure I shared a specific Egyptian scribe. I decided on Amenemope, who according to Wikipedia is “the author of the¬†Instruction of Amenemope, an Egyptian wisdom text written in the¬†Ramesside Period.” There’s some debate on whether his text influenced the Hebrew’s Proverbs or vice versa.

In the “Instruction of Amenemope,”

the author draws an emphatic contrast between two types of men: the “silent man”, who goes about his business without drawing attention to himself or demanding his rights, and the “heated man”, who makes a nuisance of himself to everyone and is constantly picking fights with others over matters of no real importance.

Amenemope also, “counsels modesty, self-control, generosity, and scrupulous honesty, while discouraging pride, impetuosity, self-advancement, fraud, and perjury‚ÄĒnot only out of respect for¬†Maat, the cosmic principle of right order, but also because “attempts to gain advantage to the detriment of others incur condemnation, confuse the plans of god, and lead inexorably to disgrace and punishment.”

Sounds closely related to Stoicism. I’m always on the fence about pushing people to be silent since I spent a large chunk of my life quiet but I do agree it’s important to fill silence with conversations that matter to me or the individual involved. But even that isn’t absolute. Sometimes discussing things that seem to have no important lead to ground breaking discoveries.

If you’d like to read some of Amenemope’s writing you can find them here

Scribe of Egypt

This is a full 52 minute video on Scribes of Egypt.

There has to be images on the walls in the temples. There is no space on the walls of temples without some sort of picture or inscription. The purpose of the pictures and inscriptions are to present all the elements that allow the individual to continue to exist after they die.

Does art and writing make us immortal or do they have any affect on our after life? What an interesting thought. It reminds of when a writer once said,

‚ÄúIf a writer falls in love with you, you can never die.‚ÄĚ
‚Äē¬†Mik Everett

I don’t know what’s going to happen to my inner life when I die, heck I don’t even know what I want to happen, but I hope it’s better than being alive.

More on Scribes to come. To be continued….

In Honor of Snow

I’d like more snow. I don’t like driving in it but I like to look at it. It’s so pretty and I like how everything seems quieter after it snows. (Global warming is no fun at all.) In honor of snow days here’s a poem from Robert Frost

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening


Whose woods these are I think I know.   
His house is in the village though;   
He will not see me stopping here   
To watch his woods fill up with snow.   

My little horse must think it queer   
To stop without a farmhouse near   
Between the woods and frozen lake   
The darkest evening of the year.   

He gives his harness bells a shake   
To ask if there is some mistake.   
The only other sound‚Äôs the sweep   
Of easy wind and downy flake.   

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,   
But I have promises to keep,   
And miles to go before I sleep,   
And miles to go before I sleep.

Underground Community Good or Bad?

I’m feeling lazy today. I was on mom duty, and I don’t like to start projects unless I know I’m going to be able to work on them without being interrupted. So I didn’t get much done.

Fortunately, I have had time to think about my novel and the underground community that’s a big part of the plot. I tend to lean light and love when it comes to creating. The trouble comes when it’s time to edit and develop a nice juicy plot. We want some conflict, everything and everyone can’t turn out perfect and full of love and good choices. So right now I’m trying to decide what direction my underground community is going to go. Are they going to be a good group of people with a dirty little secret? or Are they gunna be bad people with an innocent veneer? I don’t know why the moral integrity of this community is so hard for me to decide on. Normally, I make a choice and go with it and if it doesn’t work I start over. I guess a lot of me wants the underground community to be upright and resemble the good side of humanity.

Headache, Rhizomes and Nerves.

My head is killing me. It started hurting around 11 and it stopped for a bit while I was in the shower in the dark but then came back. One of my long long time ago exboyfriends taught me about a pressure point between our pointer and thumb and that’s what helped for the tiny bit of time that I was relieved. Pressure points are so interesting to me. They kinda remind me of Rhizomes, Here’s a quick definition of what a rhizome is from

rhizome, also called¬†creeping rootstalk, horizontal underground¬†plant¬†stem¬†capable of producing the shoot and¬†root¬†systems of a new plant. Rhizomes are used to store¬†starches¬†and¬†proteins¬†and enable plants to perennate (survive an annual unfavourable season) underground. In addition, those modified stems allow the parent plant to¬†propagate¬†vegetatively (asexually), and some plants, such as¬†poplars¬†and various¬†bamboos, rely heavily on rhizomes for that purpose. In plants such as¬†water lilies¬†and many¬†ferns, the rhizome is the only stem of the plant. In such cases, only the¬†leaves¬†and¬†flowers¬†are readily visible. Notably, the rhizomes of some species‚ÄĒincluding¬†ginger,¬†turmeric, and¬†lotus‚ÄĒare edible and valued for their culinary applications.

And here’s the definition or nerve from google:

 a whitish fiber or bundle of fibers that transmits impulses of sensation to the brain or spinal cord, and impulses from these to the muscles and organs.

Now I’m the type of person to make connections where there are none but for some reason Nerves and Rhizomes seem to function similarly besides the whole reproduction part. Unless we’re talking about cells, then that might work. We could go real far and throw in the frequency of our vibrations but I think that’s going too far. So let’s reel it back in. Rhizomes are under ground. Our Nerves are under the skin. Rhizomes branch out under ground. Nerves branch out throughout the body. Nerves help us with survival. The roots of a Rhizome help them survive. If you lose a nerve you won’t die. If a Rhizome loses a root it won’t die.

human nervous system - The autonomic nervous system | Britannica
Bamboo rhizome photo

I’m no expert but I find our similarities to plants and trees interesting. Thanks for joining me in this conversation that was inspired by my headache.

Float Tanks

I’m so interested in these Float tanks they have out there these days. They’ve been around for a while but they are more accessible now. I want to try them out. I hear some people have pretty cool experiences. I just know, I love baths. and I love when the lights are out while I’m in the bath and I love dunking my head under when the lights are out. So I think I’ll really enjoy one of these Float Tanks.

With all the things we are bombarded with these days, it seems like this should be a normal thing like going to get your nails done or going to the gym. There’s always technology and ads and some event I have to get to or a new lesson I want to listen to. But I don’t decompress nearly as often as I go out in search of stimulation.

Now that I’m writing this, I realize I really do need to focus more on decompressing from it all. My goal for this year is to go floating at least once. That’s my 2022 goal, to decompress more often and to go floating at least once. Ok now let’s see if I can make it happen.

Surprisingly Productive Day

Today I stayed home with my little one and worked on my novel. I’m working on the protagonist community and their belief system. I think developing my protagonist more will help me with details in the rest of the story. Especially since the protagonist is an entire community rather than just one individual.

I was pretty tired with a headache today but my oldest and I managed to get the grocery shopping done and clean out the fridge. I’m surprised I got anything done today. My head was killing me all day. It’s surprising to me that I painted with my youngest, wrote, grocery shopped, and cleaned out the fridge.

I’d say today was productive and went well.

Writing and Working Out

Today was my first day back to the gym since I got sick. It felt nice to be there. I was more mindful of my mask because I don’t want to get anyone else sick but besides that, it was nice. I took it easy. I didn’t wanna over do it because I want to want to go back. There’s a writer who stops his daily writing for the day at a point in his story where he knows what’s going to happen next. That’s how I workout. I can still push a little harder but I’ll step away so I’m not laid out the next day. I’m trying to create daily healthy habits when it comes to the gym. Right now it’s less about losing weight for me. I know I can slim down and gain muscle because I did it easy when I wasn’t on mom duty. So once my little one is back in school and more independent bam I’m already ready for gym mode a few times a week because I been doing it.

As for my writing. It’s already a daily habit. There’s more at stake when it comes to writing for me because it’s my life, my future, and my calling. So missing writing days has a huge negative effect on my life. It’s not worth missing a day. Working out for me is an important healthy habit but it’s more like something I enjoy doing. It’s less of a daily habit. 3-4x a week is good.

So it was a good gym day and I’m happy to be back at it.