That Kind of Night

The blankets, slept in. The air thick with smoke from the magical stuff that turns your mind inward, too inward if you let it. I wouldn’t know, I’m more of a bore. The stale sweat rubs me in every wrong way while I tell myself I’m there for some divine reason. A few drops ofContinue reading “That Kind of Night”

Writing Like A Writer

We all do this writing thing different That doesn’t matter It’s not about how or when you write it’s about doing it it’s about continuing to do it even when doing it no longer makes sense There’s a silent commitment between you and the words and an image of you writing alone And that’s itContinue reading “Writing Like A Writer”

Where Am I

I’ve reached a place in my life where I’m more full, more myself, and more humble than I’ve ever been. I feel so me. The self that loved with no expectations. The girl before her first heartbreak. It’s as if I’m getting a second chance at life and love and following my dreams. Life isn’tContinue reading “Where Am I”

She’s a Pretty Mistress

She wasn’t ugly Not by far Actually, she had a pretty face A face you’d see in the mall Maybe the girl across from you buying panties and a bra You know the one you smile at and politely say excuse me to She looks like she could be your favorite cashier Or someone whoContinue reading “She’s a Pretty Mistress”

The Act of Loving Myself

Love is an act not a feeling The feeling is anxiety Same feeling you get on a roller coaster Or right before you’re about to speak When I say love, I’m referring to the verb. I will love myself with actions I will love you with my actions It’s a bonus when you get bothContinue reading “The Act of Loving Myself”

Thought and Planned

Finally in love with me. From inside the depths of my soul to my roots of curls. I’ve waited so long to feel so healthy, so healed, and so ready to take on life. I thought and planned that by the time I got here I’d be celebrating with you. Maybe you weren’t meant toContinue reading “Thought and Planned”