Why I Wrote my Novel

I had to write my novel because it holds pieces of my life that I had to carve away at to get to what really matters. I wrote it to bring value to my circumstances especially the ones that hurt me the most.

I’ve always wanted to write but I didn’t want to attempt until I graduated from college and got settled into a career. I was also more focused on writing psychology articles and nonfiction books, but I’ve found myself dancing in the world of fiction. Which is just as fabulous and much more satisfying for me.

Writing this novel especially my favorite character Anie-Me who’s the “mentor”, has been the most satisfying work of art I’ve ever committed to. Even when I’m sad, I love working on it. Not so much when I’m tired though. I don’t like doing much of anything when I’m tired. But anyways, back to the point, satisfying art. Not all art is satisfying. So what is it about writing this book which is inspired by triptychs (three paneled catholic paintings) that feels so good?

I think it feels so good because it turned one of the worst times of my life into art. A tangible thing that I can forever pull wisdom and emotion from. Then again who knows if I’ll ever pick up the book again.

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