Looking for Inspiration

Inspiration is everywhere they say. It’s in the way a leaf crunches under your feet. It’s in the way a strand of hair blows in the wind. But I’m gunna be honest, my tank is running low. I’m losing interest in blogging. I’m feeling blocked in as a mom and I feel like life just isn’t progressing at the pace I’d like it to. I’m tired. I’m always fighting a cold just to get the cold, and routine human maintenance is just feeling heavy right now. I know it’s temporary. I know I’m not alone, but it’s just making this whole blogging thing miserable.

So how can I make this blogging thing more enjoyable? Where am I not connecting with wanting to blog? You may be asking, why blog if you hate doing it. My answer is, I don’t what it is, but writing a daily blog post just makes me feel better.

What keeps you blogging? I appreciate a good community, any suggestions on a blogging community that might accept my awkwardness?

2 thoughts on “Looking for Inspiration

  1. This is similar to how I find myself feeling on Instagram lately. The only thing I can give for advice is to just accept the fact that there will be times when our creative well seems to have dried up, either for the short term or the long term. But that in itself shouldn’t cause us alarm whatsoever if we eliminate that feeling that we are somehow “less worthy” or “not complete” if we don’t keep to some preconceived expectation of producing content on a regular basis. Let it flow when it flows, but in the times when it seems empty just focus on the other elements of your life that make you fantastic. Be you, do you, for you. 😇

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