Will to Rebuild

I had my first gym session since I got Covid in December on Monday. Which means I have to rebuild muscles. I was not doing much exercise which isn’t like me at all. I at the least do home workouts when I can’t make the gym. But the last couple months I just chilled. What’sContinue reading “Will to Rebuild”

Blogging Daily

I’m feeling depleted tonight. I had a great day though! I just really struggle with blogging daily. Maybe someday this will get easier but for now, it’s quite the challenge. When I feel like this, I like to remind myself why I blog. I blog daily because I sleep better and my days go betterContinue reading “Blogging Daily”

Egyptian Scribes

Alright so I’m a writer. My dream is to write, sell books, maybe run some workshops, and some mentoring. I need constant reminders that anything else is a hobby or an interest or a challenge I’d like to face and not my calling. So I was thinking and visualizing myself in the future. I wasContinue reading “Egyptian Scribes”

Get Out Into the Storm

For the Conscious Writer You know those snow storms when it’s freezing cold and there’s so much snow it’s literally coming out of your ears. Yes, those. Ok so now let’s say you’re finally dry and warm again all snuggied up in your car. Then you pull into your driveway, and all you’ve wanted isContinue reading “Get Out Into the Storm”

Stop Fighting to Write

Stop fighting to do what you love. Are you getting tired of fighting for your writing? Does it seem like it takes more energy to create right now then you can muster? Good! That means you’re fighting for the things you want in life. That push back when you go to step away from theContinue reading “Stop Fighting to Write”

It’s speaking to me

Mid sleep checklist incomplete Dreaming of writing this While skating and collecting snowflakes in my pocket I’m with my old boss looking for the next word It’s underneath the ice and as long as we keep moving they’ll appear Slowly we place each word one after the other What we build here makes complete senseContinue reading “It’s speaking to me”