Red Headed Lover and Ice Cream

The red headed woman
who swallows men like air
the one with gauze
and the deep entwined stare
is in my roots

I lift my chin
then my shoulders
I lift my heart
and then my mind

but at the end of the day
make fancy salads with cheese
and nuts,
binge watch movies
while I slurp up Ramen noodles,
and top it all off with ice cream
covered cookie dough

Saschia Johnson

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The Big Cat

I’m not sure where she was before she arrived
or where she was headed
But the cat knew the way
She clung on like her life depended on it
The big cat jumped so high,
I could see galaxies.
she saw em too but only for a brief second
because she buried her face
back into its fur
She was up high, too high
Anything up that high
had to be so far from the ground
if she looked, she’d lose her dinner
and at least half her lunch

I do wonder if she made it?
I wonder where a small girl
with the strength she had to hang on
would go?
I knew for sure,
I wanted strong girls like her
down here
to help me hang on

Saschia Johnson

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An echo of sense
An ear sliced clean from a man’s head
Both come best when you’re ready for it
But who’s ever really ready for the sense they never knew existed
or an ear without a head
we could be talking about noses and absurdities
but that’s not what I saw
so here we are talking about ears and senses
what do you think?

Saschia Johnson

Recharge Yourself, Please

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I charged my phone twice today
I charged it once in the morning
and once at night.
I could have let it die
but instead, I recharged it
with no questions asked
and walked away

Just think,
what if humans could stop
and recharge with no questions asked too
I wonder how different our world would be

I Am Human

I strip to the bone
so that you can see me
There’s no vail
no hidden meanings
it is exactly as it is
It isn’t easy
living as if my life is my art
it brings no justice
no fairness
no earthly treasures
it doesn’t even bring honest people
it just makes me honest
and fill my heart and soul with everlasting waters
while I stand for what is right and true
I strip to the bone to be as close to the truth
as possible

Saschia Johnson