The sadness with its sharp oblongteeth and low growl riddled with past livesI’ve stepped too right (or too left) It’s not the echoes that plague me it’s the awkward digits that haunt me It’s his bright blues that call me home and if I don’t watch myself, I’ll return to the arms that fed meContinue reading “Ravine”

She Holds the Knife

“Challenge Your Perception” A Short Story in response to Know Thyself Heal Thyself Jayne.PressFeb 15 · 2 min read She paces toward the bathroom. Her loafer slippers drag against the floorboards to the beat of the music. The bedroom is cool but the rest of the house is a thousand degrees. “It’s never ok to hurt someone, not physicallyContinue reading “She Holds the Knife”

Lady Wisdom

A poem Posted on An Idea (By Ingenious Piece) The tides are rising and fallingat the bare chest of a womanwhose eyes are bandaged She’s got arms and legs like anoctopus that stretch and wrapand drown those who fail to listen Not because they can’t hear herbut because they canand they ignore her She pullsContinue reading “Lady Wisdom”

Metamorphoses II

Ode to Ovid One day, a king’s knightentered the woods.He fell upon the divine beautywho had invested herselfin the woodsman. “What are you doing livingin these woods?Where are your clothes?” He asked. Now, the fathers below heardthe knight’s words fall upon herand they begged Hades to blind herfrom his questioning. But Hades felt she hadContinue reading “Metamorphoses II”

Blessed is She Who Mourned

A poem (published on Genius in a Bottle) They told her she’d be healedOver and OverWe believed. Oh, we believed We prayed We fasted We drowned ourselves in the mysteries of faithwe turned the lights off at sunriseknowing it’s the body that fallsnot the word We gathered her broken piecesinto our childish handsand wrapped themContinue reading “Blessed is She Who Mourned”

Dear Lover

The life you desire doesn’t exist with me It makes me sad I’m not the one for you I’ve no desire to grow into something created for you I’ve stepped away from the crowd I spend nights on the outskirts of town Contemplating the darkness within me I’ve nothing to give but words on wordsContinue reading “Dear Lover”