Skin Show pt 3

III sometimes Once in a blue moon a shed human like me steps behind the scenes With their skin in hand crying begging pleading to be loved And the whole time I was begging and pleading with tears in my eyes Hoping that just one other miserable misfit would shed, step behind the scenes AndContinue reading “Skin Show pt 3”


If one day I could be translucent that wouldn’t change a thing. If one day I gained all the knowledge the entire world possessed it wouldn’t change a thing. If I work to grow everyday I will have changed everything I have in my power to change. I will have changed a thing. -Saschia JohnsonContinue reading “Becoming”

Simon Williams On Morality

On Morality Introduction I will be presenting Morality from the position of an Evangelical Christian. In this post, I will simply assume that the Bible is as the authoritative word of God and the existence of the Christian God, as described in the Bible and the first six ecumenical councils. My goal is to presentContinue reading “Simon Williams On Morality”

Jan Toorop

According to, “Jan Toorop was a Dutch visual artist who was born in 1858. He has had numerous gallery and museum exhibitions, including at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and at the Rijksmuseum. Many works by the artist have been sold at auction, including ‘Portret van mevrouw M.J. de Lange – Portrait of Mrs M.J. de Lange’Continue reading “Jan Toorop”

Gracie at the Siege of Troy

Gracie at the Siege of Troy By: Geoff Blanchett Upon the battered shores of Troy did Gracie arise from the lapping waves. As the armies of Agamemmnon charged the walls, Gracie followed in their wake, the marks of her claws in the sand the only trace of her path, her triangular head split wide inContinue reading “Gracie at the Siege of Troy”