Literature is one of the most interesting and significant expressions of humanity. P. T. Barnum I like art. I like most mediums (some gorey things not so much). So what I’m saying is, I can’t even come close to agreeing that literature is the most interesting or significant form of expression. There’s too many creativeContinue reading “Mediums”

Joy for the Sake of Joy

Joy for the sake of joy is a simple but powerful way to live a happier and more fulfilling life. Bard the AI Have you tried flavored honey? There’s a place I went to with the family that has all sorts of honey flavors! I’m talking honey mustard or dark chocolate honey, to your traditionalContinue reading “Joy for the Sake of Joy”

Hope and Saving Lives

No, I’m not interested in politics. I have zero interest. I have interest in hope and people. Jay-Z I don’t listen to enough Jay-Z but I can appreciate these words for what they are right here. I do appreciate hope in most things. What is there if we don’t envision a better future for ourselvesContinue reading “Hope and Saving Lives”