~*Energy Drinks*~

I take a sip and my vision comes clear My thoughts come from behind my skull and hallucinations would plague me if they weren’t the object of my reseach Sleep after a glass of relaxation my feminine eyes narrow and disperse into the horizon where wind meets the lips of God And when the canContinue reading “~*Energy Drinks*~”


These hands write and write Wandering into the crevices between my floor boards I thought I heard a bed bug It’s causing this insane itch There’s a connection, I know it Maybe it was that night with the Russian The silly thing must want me to teach it English. Or it’s sent from a loverContinue reading “Connections”

Give Me A Name

The poetry of Adam sucked into the cosmos imagined before it had a name These white eyes laced with fear guide her into the flame of God Her bloom leaves behind a rosie smear Yesterday a whore today a consecrated marriage never touched An unholy relic She’s my bride We venture into the unknown entwined   -Saschia Johnson  

Nova’s Tenth Birthday

I walk in after speeding to get my daughter’s cake which was the most beautiful thing I’ve seen since Willy Wonka, and notice the tables aren’t ready. The plates are still in plastic wrap and so are the table clothes. Panic struck me like a piano falling from a third floor apartment. I hate dishingContinue reading “Nova’s Tenth Birthday”

Wet books

Wet Books That smell of wet books and Chanel no 5 is no invitation There are no arms open stiff I freeze Under my soles is the threshold A cold door knob damp in my palm Dead echoes haunt from behind “Vanity!” they scream A million hands reaching to save me from their sins fingersContinue reading “Wet books”


I have decided to try out CampNanoWrimo. I lowered my word count to 10,000 words and I’m thinking that was a fabulous idea since I’m kinda lost where I am with editing my poems, screenplay, and whatever else I finally finished over the last year. Editing is no joke. I see now why they callContinue reading “CampWrimo”