Forest Baby

Branches slap her skin She runs through the place Like it’s her own She’s lost but she just keeps going Webs tickle her nose And a thousand baby spiders crawl under her clothes She’s a forest baby This is her home -Saschia Johnson   Been working on editing my collection of poetry and figuring outContinue reading “Forest Baby”

My Fairy

There’s a fairy who guards my heart speaks to me through the quill She sees what my heart wants And can sometimes take over This space doesn’t fit the both of us She wants things I’d never And I she’d never You can imagine the struggle we have Sharing this vessel Her smile is slyContinue reading “My Fairy”

Too much snow

There’s too much snow It’s to my knees and everything I need is hidden below I have to plant seeds, side the house and these gutters won’t clean themselves My days are spent salting and shoveling. Cringing from the snow that fell in my boot I liked it in the beginning I liked it duringContinue reading “Too much snow”

Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath The tub is full and the bubbles bobble on top My legs have adjusted but when the rest of me sinks in it burns. In the tub, I’m a lost soul venturing from the heavens to a five star hotel It is there I’m considered a holy whore with no divine gifts My wordsContinue reading “Bubble Bath”