Sweaty Palms

Speaking of posting things that make our palms sweat and our hearts beat out of our chest. I figured I’d post a personal one. Race is something that is extremely hard for me to talk about. I have a post in drafts that’s still there about the complexities of growing up bi-racial. But I figured I’d start here. I’m nervous to post this.

Shed Me



am I not allowed to be angry

to be upset when discrimination floods back to my memory

watching his spirit drop on our first date

hearing whispers how I shouldn’t wear my hair naturally

I watched as my friends were asked to leave

even though they were shopping casually

I watched as my brother’s spirit decayed

from constant aggression from the police

Can I not feel something emotionally?

should I be calm when even after years of proof

I’m told these things don’t exist?

Aren’t my experiences proof!

can I not allow these situations to flood back in front of me

those situations when they were just being kids but singled out intentionally


When God come to greet me and asks, “Where’s your brother?”

I will have the conscience to say

“Right here, he’s right here next to me.”



One thought on “Sweaty Palms

  1. I don’t know how this escaped me. Being that my children are both biracial, this is a topic I love to explore. I think it is a conversation we need to have today. As a white mother to both a black/Native American/white daughter and a Mexican/White daughter, I don’t want to be naive to thinking the world is automatically going to be kind to my kids because they are kind. This was a beautiful start to the conversation. Please don’t be afraid to use your voice. It is one with power, influence, and a spark that could inspire change. Look forward to reading your post when you share it. ~Shell

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