Two Baby Girls

She dances while I sleep And hiccups while I binge watch Netflix She’s a part of me One with me Her sister is my closest friend and family. She lights up my life with her smile and makes me feel at home with her presence Two baby girls to hug and love to sing andContinue reading “Two Baby Girls”

Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath The tub is full and the bubbles bobble on top My legs have adjusted but when the rest of me sinks in it burns. In the tub, I’m a lost soul venturing from the heavens to a five star hotel It is there I’m considered a holy whore with no divine gifts My wordsContinue reading “Bubble Bath”

Frayed Ends

Frayed Ends And what, dear children, is the end of the world? Is it when a hydrogen bomb is triggered, and flesh and concrete and body and soul are brought to nothingness by the fury of a stillborn sun? Is it when the rich finally get tired of carrying the poor on their backs (or,Continue reading “Frayed Ends”