Sleepy from nothing

Sleepy from nothing. Just sleepy. Maybe from thinking. Or maybe I ate the wrong thing but I’m too sleepy to care enough to figure it out. My brain is foggy and my eyelids are heavy. The future is weighing me down but the past doesn’t bite too bad anymore. I could have just adjusted to the bites. But it’s no problem. I ate my veggies and naked chicken. I did eat a White Truffle doughnut. Shame, but I made sure to eat it early. I tried to reach my 10k steps but I’m just so tired. It really weighs down on me. Is this complaining? I think it’s complaining. I’m happy with my life I tell ya. I love it very much. But this sleepiness just won’t shift. Is it depression? Have I not gotten enough sun. Maybe it’s my period. It was probably the doughnut. 

-Saschia Johnson


3 thoughts on “Sleepy from nothing

  1. It might just be a lack of vitamins. I get like that but B12 or vitamin D helps. I had to buy a multi vitamin this week. Anyways maybe im taking this too literally but it was beautifully written. Lol.

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