Getting to the Point

It takes me so much work to figure things out but once I get it, I get it After that, I either lose interest or continue to work on the problem. Some problems, I can’t solve over night, those are hard for me but I press on.

So when it comes to writing and getting to the point, the trouble is I have so many points I’m trying to make, and I worry if I don’t include one, I’ll lose a chance to make a difference. Then again, if I include too many then they lose their power. This entire process is choosing which battle I’m willing to accept for now and which one will I accept at a later date.

For most of my work though, I’m battling oppression. For A Triptych, I’m battling the “elders” (though elders are never mentioned). It’s more of a rebuilding of ancient ways. Or maybe just questioning them.

It’s exciting to think about it.

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