Here’s to Being Alive

Today I watched a cold case that got solved 27 years later. The technology we have today to identify DNA helped confirm the killer. The killer wrote a book about how he was a changed man and stopped committing crimes. There was no rhyme or reason to why he chose the couple he chose. They were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. While watching, I was snuggled up with my husband trying to escape from feeling like shit. It worked. Anything to distract from the pains of covid is welcomed in my opinion.

It’s crazy how you never know when your last day will be. But it’s also motivating. Think about your values and honor them while you can. My family is one of my top values so the little bouts of energy that I get, I share with them right now. I’m not saying this to invoke living in fear. I won’t live in fear. I say this because sometimes I need to remember that tomorrow isn’t promised so I can intentionally honor my values, love myself, and love my loved ones.

A memento mori is what they call it.

One thought on “Here’s to Being Alive

  1. I have the opposite problem of valuing life too much. It means I get obsessive and ruminative about making best use of time, and that anxiety becomes paralysing. So it’s also possible to be too aware of your mortality and the preciousness of time :). There’s a perfect middle-ground!

    I started watching Forensic Files around 2 months ago, I’m up to Season 11 πŸ˜†. So I totally share your wonder in the science that goes into solving these. The most mind-blowing example for me was seeing DNA used to predict the physical appearance of the perpetrator, and that actually leading to their identification. It gave me shivers.

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