You and me on a boat drifting between heaven and earth. Funny faces and parental nicknames like nappy and blankie. We’re rugged from it all. Tired and oddly inappropriate.   But together we’re something else entirely.   We’re mountains or islands we’re something larger something worth exploring. Yes, we are new and uncharted territory. WildContinue reading “Wonderlust”

Creative Process

The creative process to me is the most important act. I feel it’s important to demand respect in my creative process. Of course, this process isn’t a thing that’s visible to all. And that’s because it is created in my own mind, so it’s not expected to be understood by anyone else. We have secrets,Continue reading “Creative Process”

From: Your Muse

I’d show up if you wrote more for me I’d lay it all out for you if you took five minutes out of your day to write me something pretty There is nothing else expected but your words flowing in their own natural beauty and your thoughts the root of it all. Sprinkle them withContinue reading “From: Your Muse”

Paul Cézanne

Paul Cézanne was a post-impressionist painter born January 19th 1839 in France. Cézanne felt that art should go hand in hand with nature. In a letter to one of his pupils, Emile Zola, he says, ” But you know all the pictures painted inside, in the studio, will never be as good as the things doneContinue reading “Paul Cézanne”

Pure Stone

Originally posted on Baffy Basics:
*this is a poem I wrote during high school. Unfortunately, it’s still pretty relatable for me.* ? The depression inside won’t leave Death will not come, so I still breathe. I am weak; I don’t wish to fight. On the inside, nothing is right. Heart is so broken; life is…