I Think You’re Great

There’s nothing to explain here. You’re enough. Your peace your energy your efforts. It’s all enough. There’s was a time when I felt like I wasn’t doing enough no matter how hard I worked. I burned myself out and lived on anxious highs. Not anymore. I thrive in a sustainable way now. I am stillContinue reading “I Think You’re Great”

Meet Her Where She Is

The last two weeks, I had been anticipating an event so it was hard to relax and spend time with my little one. Today I wanted to make sure she got my full attention. I’m going to be honest though, neither of us are summer girls. We both had our moments. But I made sureContinue reading “Meet Her Where She Is”

Being You Isn’t a Fixed State

Freedom is being you without anyone’s permission Being you without anyone’s permission is freeing. On a similar note, being you without having to prove that you’re being you is even more authentic. When it comes to being me, I’m constantly changing since I’m on a journey learning all the deep parts of myself. Authenticity andContinue reading “Being You Isn’t a Fixed State”

This Quote Got Me Thinking

Life without Liberty is like a body without spirit. Liberty without thought is like a disturbed spirit … Life, liberty, and thought — three persons in one substance, eternal, never-ending, and unceasing.“ —  Khalil Gibran This quote speaks on the two things I’ve been talking about Freedom and spirit. Part of me struggles with theContinue reading “This Quote Got Me Thinking”

You Go As Far As Your Team

Emails, meetings, creative endeavors and finally today we got to see our plans play out in real life. Today was our community escape room we called City Quest. I was keeping focused all morning, staying cool but it’s when things started happening that I started to get emotional. In the beginning of all this evenContinue reading “You Go As Far As Your Team”

Let it Be Bigger Than You

We are all woven of different colored threads and strengths and colors. We are all a part of something bigger, a very special part of something that continues to evolve. A more perfect union. Tamlyn Tomita In comparison to the size of our universe, we humans are small yet mighty. I don’t doubt for oneContinue reading “Let it Be Bigger Than You”

Best Night of Our Life

Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes. Mahatma Ghandhi If we don’t give ourselves room to learn and grow from our mistakes, we limit ourselves from growth. I was so afraid to make mistakes and looking foolish for so long that it hindered me from both enjoyingContinue reading “Best Night of Our Life”

Fruits Good or Bad, Your Choice

It’s feeling like that time of year again. I’m not sure what it is but I feel like I’m in school. It says in the bible you’ll know by their fruit. So… I’ve been thinking about that lately. It says you’ll know by their fruit. And I believe in this verse they’re speaking of SpiritualContinue reading “Fruits Good or Bad, Your Choice”