Basics are Not Always Easy

Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well. Voltaire This really stood out to me today. The basics are not always easy to do. What may seem like a simple task to some, can feel like a mountain to others. This is why it’s important toContinue reading “Basics are Not Always Easy”

But How Do We Get There?

There’s a millions ways to get to where you’re going. Robert Frost wrote a poem about taking the path less traveled. But I often wonder does it really matter that you take the unbeaten path. Henry David Thoreau talks about how quickly paths are created. So if we really think about it, the beaten pathContinue reading “But How Do We Get There?”

I Think You’re Great

Today I had to accept that I’m doing more than enough. In life, so manypeople will project their insecurities on you, on me on whoever is closest tothem. It’s usually unintentional which means I’m also someone who does this. Ina culture where overworking is rewarded with empty hearts and mediocre bankaccounts, you gotta know yourContinue reading I Think You’re Great

Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day!! My grandfather was a veteran and cooked for the fire house by the time I was born. I have great memories of spending days with him, walking to the fire house, getting sodas for 50 cents from the vending machine. He took good care of us when we were youngsters. I rememberContinue reading “Happy Veterans Day”

Writing is Telepathy

What is writing? Writing is telepathy. Stephen King Stephen King has the best quotes for writers. I found this quote and then had to look up the definition for telepathy to make sure I was understanding the word properly. So, here’s the definition,“the supposed communication of thoughts or ideas by means other than the knownContinue reading “Writing is Telepathy”

Find that Fire

Today I was reminded to inspire myself, and to find that fiery passion of mine. I’ve been focused to much on other things lately that my focus shifted away from the things that light up mu soul. My heart is full, and I’m more grateful than I’ve ever been. It’s strange really. listen to this,Continue reading “Find that Fire”