Jade- Asian Art

In Asian art, jade is considered to be the most powerful and mystical material. Particularly in China, jade is associated with imperial authority, heaven and immortality. The Chinese have a saying: ‘One can put a price on gold, but Jade is priceless.’ Some of the finest pieces of jade out price diamonds and are desiredContinue reading “Jade- Asian Art”


While I sleep, the sea creeps into my bed I get sea sick and toss and turn begging for land And hot water with lemon I grasp my sheets, my clothes, the bed but the water has no sympathy Finally, with no hope left I reach for hin and shipwreck on an island somewhere… -SaschiaContinue reading “Shipwrecked”

Skin Show pt 3

III sometimes Once in a blue moon a shed human like me steps behind the scenes With their skin in hand crying begging pleading to be loved And the whole time I was begging and pleading with tears in my eyes Hoping that just one other miserable misfit would shed, step behind the scenes AndContinue reading “Skin Show pt 3”


If one day I could be translucent that wouldn’t change a thing. If one day I gained all the knowledge the entire world possessed it wouldn’t change a thing. If I work to grow everyday I will have changed everything I have in my power to change. I will have changed a thing. -Saschia JohnsonContinue reading “Becoming”