A Home Full of Hope

Hope floats around my house it fogs the windows and clogs the drains but it smells of lemons and roses. And so we just wipe our fogged windows clean…..

Hope floats around my house it fogs the windows and clogs the drains but it smells of lemons and roses. And so we just wipe our fogged windows clean and continue to clear our drains. Because a home without hope is no home at all. We give thanks for todays and pray for our tomorrows. Just one more day, one more word, one more prayer.

-Saschia Johnson


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Two Baby Girls

She dances while I sleep

And hiccups while I binge watch Netflix

Sheโ€™s a part of me

One with me

Her sister is my closest friend and family.

She lights up my life with her smile

and makes me feel at home with her presence

Two baby girls to hug and love

to sing and dance with on the kitchen floor

I’m so proud

I’m so proud


Travel Ideas

So if you don’t know this yet I’m a huge Roald Dahl Fan. (I mostly love Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.) While reading ” Story Teller: The Authorized Biography of Roald Dahl” I found that he has a museum in the UK! Visiting the Roald Dahl museum is officially on my bucket list. It’s located in Great Missenden which “was home to Roald Dahl for 36 years until his death in 1990. He wrote all of his children’s books and many of his adult short stories in the Writing Hut he had built in his garden. Many of Roald Dahl’s stories are based in and around the village.”

The Roald Dahl Meseum

Picture from Babesabouttown .com

Not only do they have a museum, they also have a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory eye shadow palette!







feature image from Smithsonianmag.com

First Attempt


It’s the middle of the night and my mom has me wrapped tight in a bundle of blankies carrying me to the car. Mom tells me it’s ok with a kiss on my forehead and tucks me into my car seat. I don’t wake up til the car comes to a stop. All I can see is a huge brick building. The three of us, mom brother and I, stagger to the door only to find it locked. It won’t open again till 7am. We pile back in the car and find a grocery store to munch on snacks till the building opens.ย She was so sure going to the shelter was the right thing to do, and nothing could stop her. See, mom had been raped for most of her life and found the strength to leave the house to create a new future for my brother and I. A bag of corn chips, cookies, and a jar of artichoke hearts later, it was finally 6:45am. Brick building again, only it isn’t as scary during the day. We head in leaving the blankies in the car. Inside, up a couple flights of stairs, we come to a huge open area. There’s people walking around and kids playing tag inside. Blinding lights and a lady with a clip board calls us in just like the doctor’s office. When the door closes it gets surprisingly quiet. The colorful toy garage catches my eye first, but then there’s a play kitchen with fake food. That absorbs most of my attention. Mom interrupts my preparation of a huge meal including a whole turkey with sprinkles, mashed potatoes (no gravy), and cookies all mixed together in one large bowl. And even though I wasn’t finished, I hand the bowl to mom and offer her a taste. Mom takes a quick taste. She’s in a rush and places the bowl back on the stove. We had to hurry and gather our things from the car so the lady could show us where we’d sleep tonight.