Not Just A Writer

Today I stayed home with my little one. She’s on the BRAT diet but generally ok. We worked on letters. Played with bubbles. Snuggled and had some technology and then ended the day with that new Gudetama series on Netflix. It was cute. I enjoyed getting some rest with my youngest and I even spentContinue reading “Not Just A Writer”

I Just Wanna Have Fun

Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun. Randy Pausch 2023 goalsssss!!! How can we make this more fun, is what I’m going to ask myself this year. I’ve gone long enough with so much seriousness and sadness and even some anger sprinkled in there. Now I wanna focus on good clean life long fun!Continue reading “I Just Wanna Have Fun”


I’m learning to have a more stable home life. Our home life is generally pretty stable. We aren’t a perfect family but we’ve been blessed to be able to stay home with our two year old. But let’s talk about unstable homes and housing insecurity. Housing insecurity will really have you coming out of yourContinue reading “Expanding”