Writing Like A Writer

We all do this writing thing different That doesn’t matter It’s not about how or when you write it’s about doing it it’s about continuing to do it even when doing it no longer makes sense There’s a silent commitment between you and the words and an image of you writing alone And that’s itContinue reading “Writing Like A Writer”

Stitched Together

From time to time I think of you From minute to minute you cross my mind From hour to hour I’m lost in our fantasies If I stopped I might lose you So I leave myself little reminders Moons and doors and stars as big as your eyes The truth is I don’t need remindersContinue reading “Stitched Together”

We Go On–We All Do

Funny how things work out How people show up And make you proud of who you are Or make you feel less than who you are both people come and go They make impacts They go on with their lives With their red Rose’s or their brass scales And think briefly of you now andContinue reading “We Go On–We All Do”