The Price of the Journey

Our inner journey is one that’s more valuable than gold. What does it require for us to journey inward? food, safety, shelter, ? Do we need some kind of stimulation to journey inward? Can we meet our core self without a mentor or guru guiding us? I think everyone is different and learns to acknowledgeContinue reading “The Price of the Journey”

The End

For the Conscious Writer The end goal is supposed to be a stark contrast from the beginning. Saschia Johnson This is a quote taken from yesterday. When I wrote it, I was referring to the piece of art itself. But I forgot how much art changes us as artists. I have been thinking about yesterday’sContinue reading “The End”

Get Those Keys Out

Stop overlooking your natural talent Keysyou have themSlippy mindyou tucked them in your chestprepared to unlockthe world You don’t need to wait,you can open itfor you. Saschia Johnson There are so many times we wait for someone else to unlock the door for us but the whole time we have the keys tucked away. Don’t forgetContinue reading “Get Those Keys Out”

We are Agents of Beginnings

For the conscious writer “We are agents of beginnings.” –Art as Existence by Gabriele Guercio. When I first started writing, I wanted to hide behind my creations. I wanted to be an anonymous figure that created something powerful. For me, there was a sense of humility in creating a profound piece of art while living inContinue reading “We are Agents of Beginnings”

The Single Story

For the Conscious Writer This is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. She is an award winning author from Nigeria. She speaks in this Ted talk (which is now one of the most viewed Ted talks of all time) about how we need to be careful of the single story. Without saying too much, I find it so commendableContinue reading “The Single Story”

Use the Frustration

For the Conscious Writer I understand the frustration that comes with wanting to write. I understand that sometimes things don’t feel right. That frustration can cause a spiral. It can cause negative reactions but as conscious writers, it’s important that we focus this energy into our art and creativity. Use it in the story. ButContinue reading “Use the Frustration”

Blocked? There’s a Way Out

Encouragement For the Conscious Writer Writer’s block’ is an emotional or logical incoherence in a future work slowly working its way through our unconscious. — Alain de Botton So you’ve hit it, the emotional block. It grows. That block grows and grows until you’ve spent the day avoiding the one thing you love doing. ItContinue reading “Blocked? There’s a Way Out”

Where Freedom Lies

For the Conscious Writer Freedom is great when no one gets hurt. But what is freedom? Is it the ability to have a finished product without putting in the work? Is it being able to lay around and do nothing all day? The truth is that freedom is in neither of those things. Freedom comesContinue reading “Where Freedom Lies”

When You’re Tired

For the Conscious Writer When you’re feeling like you’ve got nothing left that means you have just a little bit more in ya. -Saschia Johnson I believe in rest. I believe that we shouldn’t have to oppress ourselves in order to be successful. I also believe in discipline and hard work. Which means there shouldContinue reading “When You’re Tired”

Dear Author

A letter from your characters Dear author, I am a living breathing human being. I’m not your show horse! I need thoughts and some external stimulation. I need you to give me something to solve or avoid solving by solving something else until I realize the true importance of what I was supposed to beContinue reading “Dear Author”