Freedom to Listen

A dangerous book will always be in danger from those it threatens with the demand that they question their assumptions. They’d rather hang on to the assumptions and ban the book.” ― Ursula K. Le Guin, The Wave in the Mind: Talks and Essays on the Writer, the Reader and the Imagination Having the freedom to listenContinue reading “Freedom to Listen”

Shoulders Back, Chin up

We all do things differently. There’s no one way to get to the finish line. There is suggestions on how to make the journey more enjoyable. There’s choices that could make it feel like you’re starting over but you’ll never start from the same place twice. You may even get to a point in lifeContinue reading “Shoulders Back, Chin up”


Butterflies are set free from her mouth, the way none-sense usually is. You see, she’s the type to speak before she thinks, a quality others admire most about her. Thousands of butterflies escaped and filled the room. Her mouth hung open. Not word bounced off the walls, only thoughts and butterflies. -Saschia    Check MeContinue reading “Butterflies”

So Now, Accept Yourself

You are tough You weren’t born that way You came out soft and squishy And full of fantasies And you tasted just like sugar Like melted sugar And rainbows shot from your eyes in the middle of a hurricane Then it started the dying You realized people did very bad things That people died forContinue reading “So Now, Accept Yourself”

A Woman

Take away the dishes The wife-ing The mothering And you’re left with A writer An artist !A REVOLUTIONARY Who dreams of sowing thought respect And empathy back into our existence She grasps for words And stories She grasps for experiences She fails She falls she rises Over and over again She is a woman SheContinue reading “A Woman”

Options pushes and Pulls

It’s the same door Isn’t it the same door Let me look Same handle Ok different wood But it’s practically identical Why would I be called somewhere So similar to the last one I know we shouldn’t compare doors But they’re like the same Look, look at that different door over there It’s like mineContinue reading “Options pushes and Pulls”

Set Her Free

She’s spun up like cotton candy Once you get a taste It’s never enough She goes round and round Emotion to emotion Skipping stones There’s heart in her A life so loud it’d clap your ear drums A taste so sweet it makes your head ache A wild soul A wandering woman Begging to beContinue reading “Set Her Free”