One of Those Days

Toady was one of those days I wanted to go back to sleep and try again tomorrow. Today was also one of those days where everything went the way it was supposed to. No traffic, gas in the tank, food in my belly, under my calorie goal, hydrated. I mean everything went nice and smooth.Continue reading “One of Those Days”

Certainty is Overrated

There is something about certainty that creates passivity until the thing happens. Rather than taking advantage of the moments in between what we currently know and what we will know, it becomes waiting. We gotta stop waiting til we’re certain. We gotta start doing what we’re called to do regardless of the discomfort that comesContinue reading “Certainty is Overrated”

Prioritize Your Self Love

I just wanted to take the time to talk about it. Self-love, what is it? Self-love is making taking care of yourself a priority. It’s not hedonistic. It’s basic wellbeing. In our culture, taking care of yourself is a luxury (especially right now with these gas prices). Even growing up in the church, they leanedContinue reading “Prioritize Your Self Love”

Creative Freedom, It’s Yours

Once you reach a place of creative freedom, your writing life becomes your responsibility. You must learn when enough is enough and when not enough is not enough. You must narrow down your own projects and expand your own ideas. What’s great about creative freedom is that it’s all yours. It’s all yours with noContinue reading “Creative Freedom, It’s Yours”

Inspiration for the Mind, Body, and Soul

That’s what I want. Inspiration for the mind, body, and soul sounds nice to me. It has a ring to it that invites me to be creative in a way that satisfies on multiple levels. When we are connected to our creations, we can feel the creative freedom filling our mind, body, and souls. ItContinue reading “Inspiration for the Mind, Body, and Soul”

Three Freedoms

The Three Freedoms you need to take advantage of to experience ultimate creative freedom are Freedom to grow, Freedom to be heard, and Freedom to listen. Let’s start here. What is Creative Freedom? Creative freedom is having the freedom to create without limitations. Before we dive in, I wanted to explain that this post is gearedContinue reading “Three Freedoms”

Meditation and Writing

Meditation is important when it comes to every aspect of this writing process. From before conception and getting it out on paper, to the stage of completion. Starting any work of art with meditation helps with making a smoother transition. It’s kinda like the oil. Creates less friction during the creative process. Some artists findContinue reading “Meditation and Writing”

“Artistic Freedom is Not a Luxury”

“Artistic freedom is not a luxury. But the rights of artists are under threat worldwide. These include freedom of creation, freedom of movement, freedom of association, right to protection of economic and social rights, right to participate in cultural life. The UNESCO 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural ExpressionsContinue reading ““Artistic Freedom is Not a Luxury””