Still Written

There are many times I give away my time to write. I give it and give it and give till I’m writing 10 words and starving for solitude. I know I should hang on tighter to my time to write. I should be more demanding but it’s such a slippery thing. It shifts and moldsContinue reading “Still Written”

Please Exist

There is a reason why you’re here It’s to read this poem and to realize this poem’s existence would cease without you It would be silent A dead silence with the night air stuck in a place that never really existed It would lack the chaos of us Trees would fall into oblivion I wouldContinue reading “Please Exist”

Cookies with a Side of Fitness

Sitting here outside the gym eating Milanos. I might finish the bag before I finish this piece. It’s the double dark chocolate flavor. There’s a lesson to be learned here. But I’m sure I already know it. The class starts in ten. There’s two cookies left and I should stop eating them but I probablyContinue reading “Cookies with a Side of Fitness”

Will Write For Tomorrow

Light in the distance A globe or maybe an orb It flits around the corners of my heart Dashes against the edges of my mind I look and touch and smell What it may be like I want things a way Smooth oiled machines But life isn’t so oiled It’s jagged and rough There areContinue reading “Will Write For Tomorrow”

Coming Back To Life

The bare trees will begin to bud again the flowers will crack through the soil and bloom and amaze us with their colors We will thaw and glisten under the warm sun and our thoughts will be on simple things like picnics with fresh berries and huge sandwiches or beach days scented of sea saltContinue reading “Coming Back To Life”