I Got a Creative Spark Today

Great ideas that come up while you’re not expecting them are the greatest gift ever. As writers, we could be staring at a blank screen for hours one day and then the next day during our usual editing session an amazing idea pops in like a bolt of lightening. Let me tell you how itContinue reading “I Got a Creative Spark Today”

Dear Author

A letter from your characters Dear author, I am a living breathing human being. I’m not your show horse! I need thoughts and some external stimulation. I need you to give me something to solve or avoid solving by solving something else until I realize the true importance of what I was supposed to beContinue reading “Dear Author”

A Writing Woman’s Space

Inspired Virginia Woolf’s “A room of her own.” What genius and integrity it is for female writers today to write with all the criticism they receive, not just from men but also from other women. Not just about writing but for the way they choose to live. We as women are expected to follow suitContinue reading “A Writing Woman’s Space”