We Go On–We All Do

Funny how things work out How people show up And make you proud of who you are Or make you feel less than who you are both people come and go They make impacts They go on with their lives With their red Rose’s or their brass scales And think briefly of you now andContinue reading “We Go On–We All Do”

Small Talk- Not brain food

It’s getting the first year classes out of the way that makes school such a drag. I feel like it is clear what basics you really need and what’s about making the school money. Alas, I’ll continue this battle till I find myself snug into a career I love.  Speaking of career, according to aContinue reading “Small Talk- Not brain food”

“As I can”

This summer I slowed down on a lot of my writing. Worked on the screenplay and some poetry here and there but mostly just backed off and you know what? I realized I have been working my booty off the past two years and not realizing it. And not appreciating my own best efforts. NotContinue reading ““As I can””

Phantastes by: George MacDonald

Phantastes by George MacDonald is so fun and imaginative I can’t stop reading it. It’s about a man who ends up in Fairyland and wanders in and out of trouble. C.S. Lewis claims this is one of his childhood favorites. It is quite inspirational for me and even more so for some of the piecesContinue reading “Phantastes by: George MacDonald”

Circles -A Collaboration

The world in all its glory still vacant The abyss below echoes back words I’d like to decipher     [will it ever be enough] Some days the echoes are all that matter and even though he’s my world these echoes are sticky like a magnetic night sky without a cloud for miles Where the comets andContinue reading “Circles -A Collaboration”

Crumbs Dishes

I’m in search of symbols I search the worst places first starting with Social media the dusty ones Those few I should’ve deleted a while back I clean the house Because they could be mixed in with the dishes Or with the crumbs on the carpet And when that’s through I sit and think AndContinue reading “Crumbs Dishes”

Somebody’s Name

Long square round faces Big eyes squinting ones dark ones with mysterious secrets Perky lips plump and pouty Big and juicy A world full of descriptions but what I really want to know is their names and where they’ve been and what they named their favorite freckle when they were ten but most of all howContinue reading “Somebody’s Name”